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Lowell Davidson – Trio
By clifford ? November 25, 2008 ? 3 comments

ESP 1012
Though he was not often thought of as a “talent scout,” Ornette Coleman recommended two of ESP-Disk’s most enigmatic jazz figures to Bernard Stollman in 1965. Paul Byron Allen, an alto saxophonist who recorded in his trio on ESP 1005 was one, and Boston pianist Lowell Davidson was the other. Though surface similarities […]
Alan Sondheim – Ritual-All-7-70
By clifford ? November 24, 2008 ? 2 comments

ESP 1048
Ritual 7-70 were a loose cooperative of musicians and artists working with then-Providence-based multi-instrumentalist, poet, video artist and composer, Alan Sondheim. The 1967 record given the inauspicious catalog number of ESP 1048 was actually the second LP of Sondheim and Co and the first of two for Stollman’s label. Predating the ESPs was […]

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