Damnably Shows in March

London’s Damnably is offering up a few shows.

Monday 9th March@Brixton Windmill

Damnably Presents
Reigns (momotreme)
Smallgang (hooked Up)
Former Utopia


North London stylish art rockers just finished their debut album ‘Labours’ and are exactly like the Magic Numbers (but good and less beast like)as the band is made up of two sets of rock siblings. They mine a smooth baritone voiced Smog meets Dinosaur JR via the Go betweens catchy sound and are set to break into your hearts this year and steal important bits.


North London’s Sonic Youth/Swirlies/Robert Wyatt ultra arty nowaver postslacker three piece. Beautiful music made by members of XFM/Radio one favourites Fantaplastic/Smallgang.

Former Utopia

Radio 6 favoured indigenous cockney genre hopping song smith as happy skronking out furious post-punk on a modified 6 string bass or quirky black humoured alt. folk on a raggedy acoustic. He has gigged with Chris Brokaw, The Thalia Zedek band, Swell, Mick Turner (Dirty Three),P.W Long and David Grubbs. “like (smog) on holiday in shellac” Drowned in Sound

@Brixton windmill

Tuesday March 10th Damnably is very proud to present Krautrock ‘Can’ Iconoclast

Damo Suzuki

Damo Suzuki is a seminal shamanic figure in experimental music. Discovered busking outside a Munich café in 1970 by the Krautrock legends Can-with whom he gigged that very night and then helped create arguably, their finest work: Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi and Future Days. Suzuki then left to become a Jehovah’s Witness, only re-emerging a decade later to carry on his spiritual quest to unravel musical and lyrical conventions.

His prolific output inspired most iconic of post punk bands from The Fall, Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Primal Scream and the Happy Mondays.

Today, Damo has left behind old concepts of a touring band and instead has set up a network of ‘sound carriers’ with which he improvises with at each live show. Amongst the legends in his network are Aids Wolf, Tortoise, The Dirtbombs, The Mars Volta, and Stinking Lizaveta!

As Damo says, “I like every concert. When everyone is in the same space and time are very happy. For me it is a really great moment, sometimes, even teardrops start falling because of my happiness. I feel very lucky to be in this moment with such an audience.”

Thursday 18th March Damnably is wearing ear plugs and proud to present: Stinking Lizaveta (Monotreme)

Stinking Lizaveta (named for a Dostoevsky character) are
easily one of the most jaw-dropping live bands you will see. Their albums are
great, but until you see them live, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
Rock/metal/jazz/stoner/doom/SURF/math power trio with electric guitar, electric
upright bass and drums awesome!

They have toured for 10 years with the likes of Don
Caballero, Clutch, Mastadon and many others.

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Tony Bianco and Paul Dunmall at the Vortex in London

Paul Dunmall
Image via Wikipedia

All About Jazz reports on this show.

It was billed as a trio, but in retrospect it was hard to see how a bassist could fit in with the powerhouse duo of U.S. expat drummer Tony Bianco and English reed explorer Paul Dunmall. As it happened, bassist John Edwards was in demand gigging elsewhere, leaving his two colleagues to put on a mesmerizing performance at London’s Vortex Jazz Bar in front of some 30 people on a rainy Sunday night.

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