Alasnoaxis and a Sun Ra Celebration Close Out Ars Nova

From Philly’s Ars Nova:

Wednesday, June 24, 8pm
Chris Speed, tenor saxophone
Hilmar Jensson, guitar
Skúli Sverrisson, bass
Jim Black, drums + laptop

Philadelphia Art Alliance, 251 S. 18th Street
$12 General Admission

Please join Ars Nova Workshop for our final event of the regular season –
the record release celebration of AlasNoAxis‘ new studio album “Houseplant”
(Winter and Winter). Led by Jim Black, one of the most multi-faceted
drummers today, AlasNoAxis is the culmination of Black’s years of experience
with some of the world’s greatest composers and improvisers, years of
experimentation with new sounds and techniques, and years of building
powerful creative relationships with a circle of like-minded musicians. The
ensemble has become a standard-bearer of “future jazz,” thrilling listeners
and inspiring a new generation of musicians with its powerhouse combination
of jazz virtuosity, rock emotion and noisy catharsis. Members of AlasNoAxis
are known for their work with Tim Berne‘s Bloodcount, Pachora, Human
Feel (with Kurt Rosenwinkel), Laurie Anderson, Uri Caine and John Zorn.

Tickets available at

Read the Philadelphia City Paper preview:


Save the date!
Wednesday, July 29, 7pm
Ars Nova Workshop presents a very special evening in celebration of Sun Ra.

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AMN Picks General

AMN Picks of the Week

Joe Maneri (4/3/04 at the 40 Watt Club in Athe...
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Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Joe Maneri / Peter Dolger – Peace Concert (1964, free jazz)
Critters Buggin’ – Stampede (2004, experimental)
RIDD Quartet – Fiction Avalanche (2008, creative jazz)
Marion Brown – Why Not? (1966, free jazz)
Kurt RosenwinkelEast Coast Love Affair (1996, jazz)
Burning Star Core – Operator Dead… Post Abandoned (2007, experimental noise)
Tony Malaby – Warblepeck (2008, creative jazz)
Dave Stapleton – Catching Sunlight (2008, modern composition)

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