September Tzadik Releases

From Tzadik:

Of the Body Prone

Jelly Roll Morton

John Zorn
Arcana IV – Book

Mario Diaz de Leon
Enter Houses Of

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The Squid’s Ear Reviews

From the Squid’s Ear:

Olivier Dumont:
Living in Holes and Disused Shafts

Leo Dumont/Matt Milton:
(Another Timbre Byways)

Abbott / Dumont / Kanngiesser:
Loiter Volcano
(Another Timbre)

Heiner Goebbels:
The Italian Concerto
(I Dischi di Angelica)

Xu Fengxia / Lucas Niggli:
Black Lotos

The Lonesome Echo

Kurt Gottschalk:

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Parriso U.F.O.:
Dark Side of the Black Moon / What Planet Are We On?
(Important Records)

John Cage:
Cage Performs Cage: Empty Words; Music for Piano; One?
(Mode Records)

Quatre Ttes:
(Creative Sources)

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Out on New World Records

A new release from New World Records:

Andrew Byrne: White Bone Country

Andrew Byrne (b. 1966) has lived and worked mostly in New York since the early 1990s. This tripartite CD has a mobile-like character, working entirely with a fabric of piano and metal percussion in changing manners and images, all of them remote from the duo relationship of conventional chamber music. The central work Tracks is also the earliest one (composed 1998, revised 2006), and presents the solo piano in its most ‘normal’ sound and interaction with the player—a kind of journey, as the title suggests, within a den…

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Monday Evening Concerts: For Galina Ustvolskaya

Coming April 13 from LA’s Monday Evening Concerts

Galina Ustvolskaya Symphony No. 5 L.A. premiere
Klaus Lang the whitebearded man. the six frogs. World premiere
Galina Ustvolskaya Piano Sonata No. 4
Galina Ustvolskaya Piano Sonata No. 6
Pierluigi Billone Mani. MATTA World premiere
Galina Ustvolskaya Composition No. 2 “Dies Irae” L.A. premiere

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Performances Reviews

Curtis Clark, Connie Crothers, and Joe Bonner: Exploring the World of Piano in Northampton, MA

An article from our friend, Lyn Horton.

Sitting at the piano before playing it is somewhat like sitting at a drawing table in front of a blank piece of paper before drawing on it. The keyboard is like the piece of paper. Until a pianist touches the keyboard (or not, i.e. John Cage, 4’33,”1952) or the artist makes a mark (or seems to not, i.e. Robert Rauschenberg, “White Paintings,” 1951), nothing happens: the emptiness is brimming with potential (which implies “substance” to Cage because Cage was exploring the meaning of silence as itself and Rauschenberg was reacting to the overdone-ness of Abstract Expressionist Painting).

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Tiffany Lin: Piano Racket in Seattle

From WAYWARD MUSIC on March 13.

8:00 PM; $5 – $15 sliding scale donation at the door.

Seattle pianist and toy pianist Tiffany Lin performs Piano Racket: Music for the Unconventional Piano, a concert featuring solo music for prepared piano, string piano, retuned piano, and toy pianos. The program features a double world premiere of music especially written for this event by composers Byron Au Yong and Kraig Grady. Flirt, Au Yong’s portable interludes for toy pianos and ping pong balls, finds love in the little things of life with lip smacks, whistles, pops, swoops, yelps, and woofs. Grady’s first piece written for the piano in 35 years of composing, Corroded Communes, explores the retuned piano based on a specific tuning developed by musician George Secor.

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