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From Musique Machine:

Death In June – All Pigs Must Die
All Pigs Must die is a welcome reissue of Death In June’s harmonic yet schizophrenic and progressively unhinged album from 2001. It saw for the most part a return to simpler and memorable acoustic guitar, accordion, trumpet and flute song based sound, but with the odd flirtations with post-industrial sound scraping, noise matter and unhinged edgers.

Haino Keiji/Yoshida Tatsuya – Uhrfasudhasdd
This rather wonderful, often unbalancing yet always inspired collaboration goes from been manic and noisy, to deranged and off kilter, down to be atmospheric and bizarre. With the pair utilizing an mixture of electric & acoustic guitars, flute, vocal sounds & noises, drums, keyboards & bass to create this superb collection atmospheric and mood jumping 16 tracks.

Anahita – Matricaria
Anahita brings together Tara Burke (Fursaxa,Tau Emerald ect) and cellist Helena Espvall (Espers) for six lengthy often primal and sometimes haunting/beautiful tracks of droning, sawing avant folk dwell.

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