Jazz Cerkno Event in Slovenia

From Jazz Cerkno:

This year’s Jazz Cerkno festival program is boasting with quite some names that were seminal in forming the European and global free jazz. On the very first festival day (Thu., 14. May) we will listen to the legendary Schlippenbach Trio (Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano, Evan Parker, saxophone, Paul Lovens, drums). On the same day there are also concerts by Powertrio from Portugal, and Slovenian/international Jure Pukl High Interaction Group.

Friday (15. May) wll bring the first festival meeting with the famous French double bass player Joëlle Léandre (she will also play at the Saurday afternoon solo concert at the Music School); on the Friday concert she will be accompanied by Carlos Zingaro (violin) and Sebi Tramontana (trombone). The festival covered arena at the Old Square will continue to be well shaken by Peter Brötzmann free-jazz-core trio Full Blast and Slovenian trio Lolita. The last festival day wil bring (apart from Léandre’s solo concert) four more bands, none of which ever played in Slovenia before: Mike Reed’s Loose Assembly (USA), Tiziano Tononi Quartet (ITA), ESS (S) and Push The Triangle (F). There will also be two workshops: photographing musicians (Žiga Koritnik) and „wild food“ (Dario Cortese), at the City Museum Cerkno will be also photograph exhibition „Jazz in Cerkno“ (Photo Club Cerkno).

Quite soon, there will be more information at our 14 th Jazz Cerkno festival website, where we will prepare files with musicians’ biographies and press quality photographs. All these and more will soon be available at our address You are invited to visit it now, so you can check up what other events did we prepare apart from our main event / fourteenth festival Jazz Cerkno.

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New From Ambiances Magnétiques

Jean Derome performing with Jandek, Loren Robe...
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A few new releases from Ambiances Magnétiques, a French-Canadian label.

Sébastien Cirotteau/Brigitte Lacasse/Catherine S Massicotte/Éric Normand-Face à la Dérive
“During a ten days residence in Rimouski (Québec), the artists made documentary sounds recordings: interviews and soundscapes. They listen to the sounds heard along the St Lawrence River, underwater, and to the voices of peoples living around. Based on a dinamyc use of these recordings, “Face à la dérive” is a cycle of improvised performances using both musical intruments and acousmatic sounds.”

Michel F. Cote/Isaiah Ceccarelli-Vulgarities
“Bored of the future, two drummers meet and ask each other: what can we do when we’re just two drummers? “We can be vulgar” was the answer. They put together a few vague ideas and obsessions. For the sake of amateurism, they added their respective failures. This meeting is the audible result of being overworked. What comes out of it is a sullen form of grace, an elegy for the destruction of things. In short, this CD features the sound of a plethora of objects being struck and stroked.”

Ensemble Super Musique-Y’a du Bruit dans ma Cabane
“Y’a du Bruit dans ma Cabane, Ensemble SuperMusique’s second CD, marks a serious side step from its debut Canevas +, which culled excerpts from concerts presented in Montréal between 1998 and 2004, and featured various facets and line-ups of the group. This brand-new release is the product of a single line-up and features some tasty homogeneity. One really hears a group sound from beginning to end. One can feel the unity of breath, the deep and intense cohesion existing between Jean Derome, Joane Hétu, Diane Labrosse, Danielle Palardy Roger, Pierre Tanguay, and Martin Tétreault. Built from concepts suggested by Derome, Hétu, Labrosse, and Roger, this lively shack full of adventurous sonic outbursts is inhabited by a true family, a team of improvisation champs. A fun shack where sonic brilliance has been enhanced by Paul Dolden’s magic ears.”

Philippe Lauzier/Pierre-Yves Martel/Kim Myhr/Martin Tétreault-Disparition de l’usine éphémère
“Disparition de l’usine éphémère is the first release of a quartet consisting of prominent improvisers from Québec and Norway. The peculiar combination of old and new instruments renders a poetic image of a faded, bygone industrial plant. The quartet works within both narrow and broad acoustic areas: sometimes focusing on a tiny vibration, other times a polyphonic orchestra of pipes, pumps, wheels, objects, bells and motors ring together: a multiplicity of cogwheels spinning in different tempos, all working together to create a large machine of acoustic and electronic sounds.”

Joelle Leandre/Quentin Sirjacq-Out of Nowhere
“If a book is not to be judged by its cover, as the saying goes, here is one recording whose title should not be mistaken as a collection of jazz standards. But all of the music contained in these eleven tracks literally comes from out of nowhere, the result of an impromptu encounter of two like-minded players. By now it may well be unnecessary to introduce Joëlle Léandre, but it’s worth noting here that “Madame Contrebasse” has always thrived in these intimate duo settings, a fact borne out in her considerable discography. Almost 25 years her junior, pianist (and fellow countryman) Quentin Sirjacq heralds from a different generation; yet, improvisation enables the keyboardist to bridge the gap with his former Mills College teacher-mentor and carve out a very personal musical space à deux. Don’t expect them to fall into any of those soloist and accompanist routines, or contests of wits and chops; instead, these collaborations are full of nuance and detail, like chiaroscuro effects floating gracefully over their soundscapes. Primarily introspective, with a couple of more jaunty escapades along the way, the music is warm and inviting, but never does it lapse into a kind of facile easy listening ambiance. Beyond all labels and descriptions, this offering will reach both heart and mind alike.”

Quatuor Bozzini-Arbor Vitae
“The sixth volume of the collection, Arbor Vitæ, pays homage to the Canadian-American composer James Tenney with performances of the complete quartets and quintets. These works were composed over a period of more than 50 years, from the first string quartet, written at 21, to the last, posthumous quartet. Through various acoustic and musical phenomena, Tenney creates broad, open musical spaces, making music that is both rigorous and sensual. We feel privileged and honoured to be associated with these works by one of the most important North American composers of the 20th century.”

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The Squid’s Ear Reviews

Barre Phillips, 2008, moers festival
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From the Squid:

Fennesz – Black Sea
– Max Schaefer

Fred Anderson / Hamid Drake / “Kidd” Jordan / William Parker Fred Anderson / Hamid Drake / “Kidd” Jordan / William Parker – 2 Days in April
– Paul Serralheiro

Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog – Party Intellectuals
(PI Recordings)
– Paul Serralheiro

Matthew Shipp (with Rob Brown and William Parker) Matthew Shipp (with Rob Brown and William Parker) – Magnetism
(Bleu Regard)
– Paul Serralheiro

Barre Phillips and Joelle Leandre Barre Phillips and Joelle Leandre – A L’improviste
(Kadima Collective Recordings)
– Paul Serralheiro

Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno – Pink Lady Lemonade You’re From Outer Space
(Riot Season)
– Kurt Gottschalk

Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno – Journey Into the Cosmic Inferno
(Very Friendly)
– Kurt Gottschalk

Marilyn Crispell and Louis Moholo-Moholo Marilyn Crispell and Louis Moholo-Moholo – Sibanye (we Are One): Duets
– Lloyd Peterson

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