The Squid’s Ear Reviews

From the Squid’s Ear:

Alfredo Costa Monteiro:
anatomy of inner place

Davies / Doneda / Martin / Minton / Patterson:
(Another Timbre)

Symphony for Old and New Dimensions

Liudas Mockunas / Marc Ducret:
Silent Vociferation
(No Business Records)

DJ /rupture and Andy Moor:

Gauguet / Hautzinger / Lehn:
Close Up

Sait / Smith / Robair / Hall:
Postage Paid Duets – Vol. 2

Lionel Marchetti / Jean-Baptiste Favory:
100,000 Annees

Jim O’Rourke:
The Visitor
(Drag City)

Sebastian Lexer:

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DMG Newsletter September 11th, 2009

From DMG:

Anthony Braxton Creative Orchestra 1978! Ken Vandermark/Barry Guy/Mark Sanders! Laswell-Kondo Method of Defiance! Stephan Kerecki/Tony Malaby! Death Cube K! Jim O’Rourke! Dunmall/Park/Smith/Sanders! Weightless: Butcher/Braida/Edwards/Spera!

Sylvian/Parker/Rowe/Fennesz! John Blum/William Parker/Sunny Murray! Borah Bergman & Stefano Pastor! Jennifer Choi Solo! Frank Gratkowski! Fay Victor! Earle Brown-Contemporary/Mainstream Box! Sainkho Namchylak! ..and so much more

…as well as a Palmetto Jazz label Price Reduction Sale: Marty Ehrlich, Andrew Hill, Bobby Previte, Matt Willson, Dewey Redman, Trio 3, Ben Allison, Larry Goldings, Fred Hersch..!!!

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Jim O’Rourke, Once an Insider, Worked Alone and on the Outside for ‘The Visitor’

Jim O’Rourke is profiled and his new release is discussed.

Mr. O’Rourke, 40, is about equally known for his own music — albums like “Eureka,” “Insignificance” and his remarkable new one, “The Visitor” — as for his work for other people. For about 10 years, starting in the mid-1990s, Mr. O’Rourke, based in Chicago and then New York, saw his craft, knowledge and legendarily selfless work ethic connect some far-apart poles in music: pop, improvised music, contemporary classical and noise.

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This Week at the ISSUE Project Room

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

07/02 @ 8pm – Hisham Bharoocha w/Ben Vida + Ateleia w/Sadek Bazaraa
+ Ateleia and Sadek Bazaraa + Hisham Bharoocha w/ Ben Vida Issue Project Room Doors at 8PM

Tonight’s performance marks a new instance of ‘Archegram’, the ongoing collaboration between musician James Elliott, aka Ateleia, and visual artist Sadek Bazaraa. Combining Ateleia’s pulsing ambient soundscapes and Bazaraa’s deeply atmospheric video art, the two strive to generate a hermetic sensory environment […]

07/03 @ 8pm – Alan Licht and Loren Connors + Evidence

Over the past two decades, guitarist Alan Licht has worked with a veritable who’s who of the experimental world, from free jazz legends (Rashied Ali, Derek Bailey) and electronica wizards (Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke) to turntable masters (DJ Spooky, Christian Marclay) and veteran Downtown New York composers (Rhys Chatham). Licht is also renown in the indie […]

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Aldous Huxley & Bernard Herrmann – Brave New World
This disk brings together a two part 1956 radio play of Aldous Huxley’s classic sci-fi tale of future totalitarian and social engineered state, with narration by the author and musically cues by Bernard Herrmann.

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer started making their murderous and sleazy mix of blacked noise, grim power electronics & sicken clanking ambience back in 2005 & have racking up so far an impressive 30 plus release taking in cdr’s, tapes, split’s and ltd vinyl pressing- the wonderfully titled Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass is their first proper cd releases.

Torben Snekkestad – Conic Folded
The Norwegian jazz scene since very long has proven to be one to be reckoned with as well as being a typical addition to the worldwide jazz canon. Conic Folded by saxophoneplayer Torben Snekkestad is yet another record to confirm this.

Outward Bound – n/t
Likely to be named after Eric Dolphy‘s album of the name Outward Bound this Greek duo Outward Bound takes a different, more ambient approach. A bit different from what we’re used to from Triple Bath as well, more traditional and less experimental.

Jim O’Rourke – I’m Happy and I’m Singing and 1,2,3,4
This is a reissue of Jim O’Rourke’s classic ‘laptop’ album which offers up the original masterpiece of felt and creative laptop manipulations along with an second equal marvellous disk of unreleased laptop material.

Nate Young – Regression
Regression is the new solo album from Wolf eyes founding member Nate Young and it finds him offering up seven tracks of grim and analogue bound Sonics that for the most part stay away from noisy territory and focus more on horrify and bleak mood setting vibe.

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New Paris Transatlantic

British saxophonist Evan Parker
Image via Wikipedia

Another Paris Transatlantic is out.

HALLOWEEN 2008: Interview with AARON DILLOWAY ; Editorial ; In Concert: AMPLIFY 2008: light ; On Another Timbre: Davis, Milton & Saade / Algora, Rombola, Zach / Hugh Davies / Bohman, Wastell, Patterson, Davies ; On Drag City: Jim O’Rourke / Osorezan / The Red Krayola / David Grubbs ; Smiling Through MyTeeth ; On DVD: Olivia Block, Sandra Gibson, Luis Recoder / Lee Hangjun & Hong Chulki ; (POST-?)ROCK: Hair Police / Lars Hollmer / Nine Rain / Irmin Schmidt & Kumo / Scorces / Mark Stewart / Walter & Sabrina ; JAZZ & IMPROV: Angeli, Rothenberg & Parker / Ab Baars & Ken Vandermark / Bik Bent Braam / Bishop, Eisenstadt & Roebke / Lucio Capece & Sergio Merce / Davies, Lacey & McNulty / Arek Gulbenkoglu & Adam Süssmann / Greg Kelley / Byard Lancaster / Thomas Lehn & Marcus Schmickler / Denman Maroney / Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath / Michael Moore / Evan Parker / Schlippenbach Trio / SLW / Fred Van Hove / Zingaro, De Joode & Regef ; CONTEMPORARY: Bernard Bonnier / Michael Byron / Luc Ferrari / Gordon Mumma / Eliane Radigue ; ELECTRONICA: Cristal / John Levack Drever / Peter Rehberg / Zilverhill

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