Gretz & Plotkin / Hooker / Lonely Ghost at MonkeyTown

Brooklyn’s MonkeyTown features this later this week.

Jeff Gretz & James Plotkin
William Hooker Lonely Ghost

Friday, January 23
Admission: $5, $10 minimum
Showtime: 8pm
reservations are recommended

Jeff Gretz & James Plotkin:
Guitarist James Ploktin, known for his playing and production work with groups such as Khanate, OLD, and Phantomsmasher and drummer Jeff Gretz (Zao, From Autumn To Ashes, Conelrad) will team up for a duo improvisation.

William Hooker:
Drummer William Hooker has released over 20 critically acclaimed CDs. As a composer, he has received commissions from Meet the Composer, the NY State Council on the Arts, Real Art Ways and others, and has led many creative ensembles with musicians from diverse backgrounds, including Lee Ranaldo, David Murray, David S. Ware, William Parker, DJ Spooky and Thurston Moore. Hooker often reads his poetry during performances as part of the musical compositions.

Lonely Ghost:
Lonely Ghost conjure up atmospheric, surrounding improvisations by way of an electric bass, guitar, synthesizer, violin, and a morin khuur.

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Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers)
Image by digital_freak via Flickr


September 22, 2008
Blancarte-Edwars-Evans-Flaherty-Jones-Walter, The Delancey
Tom Blancarte, Marc Edwards, Peter Evans, Paul Flaherty, Darius Jones, Weasel Walter
Cymerman-Gretz-Kozar-Pavone, The Delancey
Jeremiah Cymerman, Jeff Gretz, Andy Kozar, Jessica Pavone
Peter Evans & Weasel Walter, The Delancey
Peter Evans, Weasel Walter

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