Led Bib And How The British Got Something Right

From NPR’s A Blog Supreme:

The group is called Led Bib, and the song they played live, “Yes, Again,” is even more frenetic. (You can watch the performance itself on the BBC Web site — the video is for whatever reason not embeddable.) It was part of the ceremony for the Mercury Prize, an award given every year for the best album from the British Isles. Led Bib didn’t win; the award went to Speech Debelle, a South London rapper with a proclivity for jazz-influenced production. (Dig the backing roles for reedmen Shabaka Hutchings [clarinet] and Soweto Kinch [alto sax] at the live performance.) Even so, the fact that a jazz act, and especially one so outre, made it to the national spotlight at all should cause a double take.

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Equinox Festival – June in London

The Equinox Festival takes place this June in London.

John Zorn

John Zorn is an American avant-garde composer, arranger, record producer, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist. Zorn s recorded output is prolific with hundreds of album credits as a performer, composer, or producer. His work has touched on a wide range of musical genres, often within a single composition, but he is best-known for his avant-garde, jazz, improvised and contemporary classical music. Zorn s explorations into the worlds of magick, alchemy, kaballah and other mystical traditions have astounded listeners for over a decade. His compositions and recorded works include: Zohar with the Boredom s Yamantaka Eye , Book of Angels Vol I-X, Magick with the Necronomicon String Quartet , his Masada group, Rituals, At The Mountains Of Madness among many others. In 2006 Zorn received the MacArthur Fellowship and performed two nights of highly acclaimed performances at the London Barbicon.


At the core of Aethenor is a trio of musicians residing in Geneva, Paris and London respectively. Featuring members of Guapo, Sunn O , Mothlite, Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses, Khanate and Shora, their third album Faking Gold & Murder is due to be released on Vhf Recordings in January 2009. Aethenor summon the most somnolent examples of Bernard Parmegiani, Organum, Nurse with Wound, Klaus Schulze, Igor Wakhevitch, Coil, Iancu Dumitrescu and Charlemagne Palestine. Acousmatic drones drift into crackling and bubbling sonic clusters. Lulling piano motifs and lamenting chants shimmer into distant lunar horizons while oscillators spin and drove serenely into unchartered audial regions. Sometimes as calm as a silvery sea, so that every gentle cat s-paw and lapping wave is deafening, sometimes as tempestuous as a fuming lava beach, spitting and popping at the surface. The invocational aspects of Aethenor are of course to be expected when looking at the previous output of its individual members. Except here, the bombast is contained and a much more delicate approach is employed. Aethenor have unlocked a chamber of arcane and auroral sound that is as incandescent as it is magnetic. Like the moons pull.


Adi Newton founder and director of the legendary experimental group T.A.G.C/Clock DVA has evolved these multi media arts project over the years further experimenting with frequencies, ambisonics and magikal systems that have been evolving into new levels of sonic and visual realization. Working in co-operation with his multi-media artist wife Jane Radion Newton since 1996 on the further developments of T.A.G.C. This year will see a number of live events, a series of multi media project releases are also planned during 2009 onwards.


Z EV is an American text-sound artist and mystic who is perhaps best known for his work as a catacoustic reflected sound-based percussionist. His work with both text and sound has been influenced by the Middle Eastern mystical system best known as Kabbalah, as well as – but not limited to – African, Afro-Caribbean and Indonesian rhythms, musics and cultures. He has studied Ewe Ghana music, Balinese gamelan, and Indian tala. Z EV does not consider his performances as solos, but rather as the unique inter-reactions between himself and his instruments; the particular physical space of the performance; the particular time and geographic LOCATION of the performance; and the energies of the audience.

Dieter Muh

Dieter Muh are a UK experimental duo who have recently collaborated with esoteric writer Lon Milo DuQuette. Members Dave Uden and Steve Cammack have been pushing the boundaries of experimental music and sound art for over a decade. Pietro Riparbelli/K11 K 11 is a project of Italian sound/installation artist Pietro Riparbelli that deals with the world of radio signals, trans-communication and other invisible phenomena, to create a dimension where the only sound sources are signals from shortwave radio receivers. When constructing works under the K 11 project, Riparbelli uses only sounds from the atmosphere and from invisible, unknown sources. In this way, Riparbelli creates more esoteric works than his field recording based material as PT-R, and Voices From Thelema A DOCUMENT of live recordings made inside Aleister Crowley s famed Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, Italy. is perhaps the logical conclusion of such an enterprise.


A improvising drone-rock noise band Pestrepeller’s membership includes the writer and artist Edwin Pouncey Savage Pencil along with Peter Hope-Evans ex-Medicine Head , Ed Pinsent, Harley Richardson, Nick Neocleous and Rob Brown. Their work has been described in the press release as a gem of free-improvised-found-sound-collage enriched with dark pagan folky vibes and supernatural horror noise dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Austin Osman Spare. HATI HATI is an audiovisual project based on sound of acoustic instruments: ethnic, hand-made and find objects. HATI connects a personal interest in modern improvised and acoustic music with ritual and meditation. The band have performed many concerts in Poland, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland

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