Emanem & Psi Releases

Trumpeter Peter Evans
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From Emanem & Psi:

Latest Emanem releases – available now:
5001 Veryan Weston ‘Allusions’ (2002) solo piano
5002 Okkyung Lee / Peter Evans / Steve Beresford ‘Check For Monsters’ (2008)
cello / trumpets / piano
5003 Milo Fine ‘Ananke’ (2006/7) mostly on piano
in trio with Jaron Childs (alto sax) & Davu Seru (drums) and solo
5004 Sophie Agnel ‘Capsizing Moments’ (2008) solo piano
5005 ARC ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ (2008) Gus Garside, Sylvia Hallett & Danny Kingshill
5201 People Band ’69/70′ previously unissued

Latest psi releases – available now:
09.01 Evan Parker ‘Saxophone Solos’ (1975) reissue
09.02 Per Anders Nilsson / Sten Sandell / Raymond Strid ‘Beam Stone’ (2007)
09.03 Lawrence Casserley & Adam Linson ‘Integument’ (2007)
09.04 Agustí Fernández ‘Un llamp que no s’acaba mai’ (2007) with John Edwards & Mark Sanders
09.05/6 Peter Evans ‘Nature/Culture’ (2008) solo trumpet

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Sonomu Reviews

From Sonomu:

John Hudak, On and On (Presto!?)
You know how they say “you could hear a pin drop”? On and On is the sound of that pin dropping over and over and over again over seventy pristine minutes. The pin-drops are guitar strings; Hudak´s “sound” for this particular effort was been borrowed from the song of the black-capped chickadee,… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:58, 23 Apr 2009

Anzio Green, Autumn Honey (Symbolic Interaction)
A highly polished gem, a brief and very tasteful introduction to a duo consisting of Mark Streatfield and Wil Bolton, both of whom run their own avant-electronica labels. The music on compact disc is embraced by a glossy gatefold photograph which could just as easily be mistaken for an early… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:18, 20 Apr 2009

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Performances Reviews

Anthony Braxton & The Walter Thompson Orchestra Reviewed

Anthony Braxton
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One of probably many reviews of this weekend’s concerts:

Braxton was a busy man, moving from composing to playing three instruments (alto, soprano and sopranino sax?) as part of the ensemble. At times, Braxton and Thompson were conducting simultaneously, using a combination of their musical systems (Language Music and Soundpainting, respectively) to shape the music and action (there were also a group of actors who moved behind and through the musicians and contributed various vocalizations – spoken, chanted and sung). Instruments included (prepared?) piano, synth, electric guitar, bass, various horns, gong and woodblock percussion, cello and violin.

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Releases Reviews

DMG Newsletter April 17th, 2009

From DMG:

Three new Tzadik releases! Sex Mob Meets Medeski! Taylor Ho Bynum Positive Catastrophe! Michael Bates live! SIM Trio Otomo! Steve Lacy Quintet! Peter Kowald Solo! Max Roach/Odean Pope Qt!

Miriodor! Led Bib! Yoshida & Nakamura! Schnee: Kurzmann & Stangl! No Neck Blues Band! Philip Glass! Foday Musa Suso

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Upcoming RUCMA Shows

From New York’s Rise Up Creative Music & Arts:

Monday, April 20

Beginning at 7:30PM
Interstellar Duos:
A Tribute to John Coltrane’s
Interstellar Space“!
3 Sax/Drums Duos!

Darius Jones alto sax
Jackson Krall drums

Ras Moshe tenor sax
Tyshawn Sorey drums

Ned Rothenberg alto sax
Samir Chatterjee tablas

*Special admission to this show will be $20/$10 for students and seniors

Monday, April 27

Whit Dickey/Rob Brown Duo
Whit Dickey drums
Rob Brown alto sax

Matt Mottel synthesizer
Kevin Shea drums

All Shows At:

The Local 269
269 East Houston
at the corner of Suffolk Street
F to Second Avenue

Admission: $10 per set / $15 for the night
Students/seniors: $7 per set / $12 for the night

For More Info:
tel: 212.254.5420

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Wolfskin – O Ajuntas das Sombras
O Ajuntas das Sombras (Ajuntas of the Shades) is a darkly enchanting, often hypnotic and at times very creepy shot of earthy woodland and ritual based dark ambience and chilling drone craft with hints of slowed and damned folk matter weaved in here and there along the albums deep dark and compelling woodland track.

The Incapacitants – Box Is Stupid(boxset)
Box is Stupid is a really luxurious and rather neat boxset that brings together 10 cd’s worth of early out print 1990’s tape releasers by Japanese noise tearing duo The Incapacitants. It’s really a must have item item for any serious and discerning noise fan

Deadwood – Ram Black
Ram Black is an ultra bleak and violent mixture of noise, blackened metal and doom guitar tone, brooding pitch black ambience and the odd primal industrial battering.

RST – Tomorrow’s Void
RST is New Zealand’s Andrew Moon, an artist who, though he has been known by those three initials for over a decade, seems tailor made for the Utech label. His electric guitar experiments are carefully arranged as to appear fully composed, yet on the other hand naturally flowing, indicating at least some level of improvisation. Moon’s approach to the guitar is not unheard of; he shapes feedback and seems to rarely if ever actually touch the strings of the instrument. What he culls from what has become an increasingly commonplace practice is what sets him apart; he creates a massive, cavernous atmosphere by overlapping elements created by plenty of analog effects and more than enough amplification.

Figueras,Toop & Burwell – Cholagogues
This is a rather active, quirky, textural varied and enjoyable long form piece of improv that was original recorded and put out in 1977 and here returns in a digital remaster form.

Sum Of R – Self Titled
Sum of R’s sound sit’s in an heady and atmospheric place between doom metallic’s, guitar drone craft, filmatic post-rock scaping, grim ‘n’ glighty ambience and general atmospheric dwell and unfold

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At the Stone in May

From New York’s Stone:

5/1 Friday (DS)
8 pm
Loren Conners
Loren Conners (guitar)
Connors’ singular adaptation of the blues is a distinct personal vision combining the Delta bottleneck sound and the ancestral blues voice (appearing as distortion, baying hounds or multi-tracked guitar), with hauntingly unexpected sounds.

10 pm
Shahzad Ismaily
Shahzad Ismaily (instruments)

5/2 Saturday (TD)
8 pm
Grey Gersten and Shahzad Ismaily
Grey Gersten (guitar, electronics) Shahzad Ismaily (bass, drums, synth)

10 pm
Jolie Holland
Jolie Holland (violin)

5/3 Sunday (MB)
8 pm

10 pm
Frederic Jacques

5/5 Tuesday (MP)
8 pm
Marina Rosenfeld and Anthony Coleman
Marina Rosenfeld (electronics) Anthony Coleman (keyboards)

10 pm
Jeremiah Cymerman Solo
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics)

5/6 Wednesday
8 and 10 pm
JG Thirlwell’s Manorexia
Elena Moon Park, Olivia De Prato (violin) Miranda Sielaff (viola) Isabel Castellvi (cello) Peter Wise (percussion) Dave Broome (piano) JG Thirlwell (laptop, compositions)

5/7 Thursday (NYYT)
8 pm
Joe McPhee-Jay Rosen Duo
Joe McPhee(tenor sax) Jay Rosen (drums)
Premiere of a new duo. Five dollars.

10 pm
The Demian Richardson Quartet with John Blum and Daniel Carter
Demian Richardson (trumpet) David Schnug (sax) John Blum (piano) David Moss (bass) David Miller (drums) Daniel Carter ( alto and tenor saxophones, flute, trumpet, clarinet)

5/8 Friday (BS)
8 pm
Cooper-Moore’s Second Spring Acoustic-Electric Trio
Willie Applewhite (trombone) Jason Kao Hwang (violin) Cooper-Moore (handcrafted instruments)

10 pm
The Cooper-Moore Trio
Cooper-Moore (piano) Tom Abbs (bass) Michael Wimberly (drums)

5/9 Saturday (BS)
8 pm
Lucky Dragons with special guests Ches Smith and Grey Gersten
Luke Fischbeck, Sarah Rara (instruments) Ches Smith (drums) Grey Gersten (guitar)
Lucky Dragons are about the birthing of new and temporary creatures—equal-power situations in which audience members cooperate amongst themselves. “make a baby” is the name for an ongoing series of performances in which sounds are generated by touching on the skin—at the heart of it is playing together, re-engaging the wonder and impossibility of technology.

10 pm
Pauline Oliveros
Pauline Oliveros (accordion)
Pauline has been playing the accordion since she was nine years old. Her work is legendary. Each performance is unique, drawing on the energies of audience and environment.

5/10 Sunday (MB)
8 pm
Karl Blau
Karl Blau (guitar, vocals)

10 pm
Nels Cline
Nels Cline (guitar)

Part of a week-long celebration taking place in venues around the city, the three days at the Stone presents some of Marc’s most beloved and cutting edge projects.

5/12 Tuesday (MB)
8 pm
Marc Ribot Solo
Marc Ribot (guitar)
Ribot plays new solo works from his recent European tour and selections from his three previously released solo albums.

10 pm
Rootless Cosmopolitans/Shrek
Marc Ribot (guitar) Christine Bard (percussion) Sim Cain (drums) Sebastian Steinberg (bass) Special guests

Marco Capelli, Anthony Coleman, Grey Gersten, Jon Madof, Eyal Maoz, Roger Kleier
Six colleagues, fans and cohorts of Marc Ribot pay tribute to the master in this special night of musical madness. Three performances per set feature music from several of Ribot’s most beloved projects.

5/13 Wednesday (JM)
8 pm
Marco Capelli/Anthony Coleman/Grey Gersten play MARC RIBOT
Marco Capelli, Grey Gersten (guitar) Anthony Coleman (piano) Billy Martin (drums)
Marco Capelli will play material from Ribot’s eclectic solo repertoire. Anthony Coleman will perform a variety of Ribot originals, and Grey Gersten will present “Dying Cowboy” and “Etude #4 Bombasto” in duo with Billy Martin.

10 pm
John Madof and Rashanim/Eyal Maoz/Roger Kleier’s El Pocho Loco Project play MARC RIBOT
Jon Madof, Eyal Maoz, Roger Kleier (guitar) Shanir Blumenkranz, Trevor Dunn (bass) Mathias Kuntzli, Ches Smith (drums) Annie Gosfield (keyboards) Rich Stein (percussion)
Three exciting young guitarists pay tribute to the master—performing material from Yo I Killed Your God, Cubanos Postizos and more.

5/14 Thursday
8 pm
Marc Ribot plays the works of Frantz Casseus with guitarist Marco Cappelli
Marc Ribot (guitar) Marco Cappelli (guitar)
The recordings of the works of Haiti’s greatest composer for the classical guitar is Ribot’s tribute to his late friend and guitar teacher, Frantz Casseus. Although the Villa Lobos and Haitian folk influenced style differs from that of his own compositions, Ribot’s rendition remains true to the spirit of these beautiful, rhythmically delicate pieces.

10 pm
Sun Ship
Marc Ribot, Mary Halvorson (guitars) Chad Taylor (drums) Jason Ajemian (bass)
The premiere of Ribot’s newest quartet named after the John Coltrane album.

5/15 Friday (CW)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn IMPROV NIGHT—a STONE benefit
John Zorn (sax) Grey Gersten (guitar) and many special guests

5/16 Saturday
8 pm
Metal Mountains
Helen Rush (vocals, guitar) Samara Lubelski (violin, bass) Pat Gublar (guitar)
Metal Mountains—If you collected the 500 calmest, most beautiful, starkest, most minimalist records of the past century, you would have a seed which under the most fortuitous of circumstances might blossom into Metal Mountains. Back before the New Weird America was new, or weird (or even American) Helen Rush, Pat Gubler, Samara Lubelski, were turning on freakniks at Soho lofts and the Cooler (R.I.P.) to the tear-inducing gorgeousness of their haunted stylings in bands like The Tower Recordings and Hall of Fame. Listening to Metal Mountains is like staring at the stars on a cloudless night with Carl Sagan whispering in your ear. If you are not overwhelmed by a sense of the mystery and grandeur of the Universe, have your doctor lower your dosage. Five dollars.

10 pm
Steel City Boogie
Henry Flynt (guitar)
Henry Flynt, who has about twenty albums out of archived performances, returned to live performance in 2008 after a twenty-five year absence. For several performances in 2008, Henry Flynt appeared with his niece Libby Flynt. In the last 2008 performance in London, Henry appeared solo. When Henry and Libby began, the composition was entitled “Rockin’ Midnight”. The set is a long rock instrumental in which Flynt plays lead guitar against a tonic pedal-point rhythm track, mixing and matching styles. It ends with a coda alluding to Henry’s earliest duet work with La Monte Young. Henry has updated his sound, using more effects than in his guitar work of the last century. It’s all “raga rock,” a hard-rock adaptation of the country selection “Lonesome Train Dreams” on his album “Graduation”. At the Stone, Henry will appear solo. As the composition continues to evolve. Flynt is steering in the direction of funky country, and has changed the title accordingly “Steel City Boogie”. Fifteen dollars.

5/17 Sunday (JM)
8 pm
Good for Cows
Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums)
Good for Cows continue their exploration of modular forms, aural cues and electronics.

10 pm
Michael Schumacher (analog synthesizer) Ed Tomney (analog synthesizer) Kato Hideki (analog synthesizer) James Fei (analog synthesizer) Sergei Tcherepnin (analog synthesizer) David Galbraith (analog synthesizer) Kabir Carter (analog synthesizer) Stefan Tcherepnin (analog synthesizer)
Performances and informal discussions centered on “vintage” and other analog synthesizers. This is their first performance outside of Diapason Gallery

5/19 Tuesday (MB)
8 pm
Abdoulaye Alhassane
Abdoulaye Alhassane (guitar, gurmi, vocals) Moussa Mahaman (guitar, bass) Kali Fastaeu (nai flute, soprano sax) Idrissa Kone (tama, gasu)
Original Music of the Niger River and Sahara from Mali and Niger led by Abdoulaye Alhassane.

10 pm
Neel Murgai Ensemble
Neel Murgai (sitar, daf, vocals) Mat Maneri (viola) Sameer Gupta (tabla) Greg Heffernan (cello)
The NME performs new music that straddles cultures, continents and eras: the ancient future traditional. Neel has assembled this talented ensemble after years of experimentation with different groups and instrumentations. Best described as Indo-chamber jazz, their sound ranges from an overtone singing, droning minimalism to intricate arrangements of raga based melodies and mathematical rhythmic structures, with healthy doses of improvisation throughout.

5/20 Wednesday
8 pm
LA OTRACINA Presents “Purple Whales Of The Sun, Who Dareth To Swim Shall Drown In Thy Bliss”
Adam Kriney (drums, vocals) Evan Sobel (bass IV) Philippe Ortanez (electric guitar)
They is The Crystal Wizards Of The Cosmic Weird. An swirling epic ocean of progressive psychedelia swarming with pirates of proto-metal glory ravaged by sea-hag tunes of the eternal sludge doom and ascend upon thee, oh, brothers and sisters do not fear, a siren song of acidic jazz-rock will mellow out yer yellow. Five dollars.

10 pm
Matta Llama
Arik (bass) George (guitar) Phil (keys) Spencer (drums, vocals)
New York dwellers Matta Llama have been churning their potion for the past eight (or is it nine?) years, bubbling up sounds of instantaneous psych blurbs, false jazz intrusions and the freeing of forgotten spirits. Consisting of yer basic rock formation, guitar, bass, keys and drums, Matta Llama posit a challenge to modernity without guilt or sympathy toward the common ironics present in the shit-storm known as the aughts. A carrying, rolling sound that resounds in the round, yer mind. Five dollars.

5/21 Thursday
8 pm
Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Reuben Radding (bass)

10 pm
Taketo Shimada (tanpura, voice) Tres Warren (synthesizer, ukelin,
bowed guitar)
Lonesome Noh death, cosmic Hindustani meditation, structured improv heterodyne drone. Five dollars.

5/22 Friday (JC)
8 pm
Grey Gersten, G. Lucas Crane, Ryan Sawyer
Grey Gersten (guitar) G. Lucas Crane (tapes, broken equipment) Ryan Sawyer (drums)

10 pm
Bill Nace
Bill Nace (guitar) Greg Kelley (trumpet) Jake Meginsky (percussion)

5/23 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Roses and Riots
Martha Colburn (films, light improvisations) Laura Ortman (violin) Nathan Whipple (keyboards) Martha Colby (cello) Mike Evans (foley effects) Matthew Varvil (flute) Haleh Abghari
This evening of sounds/music, accompanied by the animated films and hand-fashioned colorful multi-projections. A special shadow play and surprise guests. The evening plays with drug enforcement/witch hunts/religion/power.

10 pm
A Cantankerous Agility by The Hat City Intuitive
The Many Spaceships (guitar, saxes) Nix Pickler (drums) Sax Blabbeth (bass, agony pipes) The Heckler (keys) Gene Moore (guitar) Special Guest Kato Hideki (bass, electronics)
Chaotic entropy. Group Therapy. Nineteen years of abusive behaviour. Ten dollars.

5/24 Sunday (MB)
8 pm
The Jungle
Stephanie Barber
Sound, video, words, my body. My mouth. Many soft colorful fabric snakes. An unreliable narrator in a self imposed exile in the jungle—the sheer terror of thousands of square miles of rapid life and death, the superfluousness of this metaphor for existence—a questionable lecture on plant socio-emotionality—a symphony for this flora—a radio show which provides the courage and fortification of a direct god line to the jungle floor.

10 pm
J. Gräf Sheppard
Jenny Graf (voice)
J. Graf Sheppard has been an active participant in the international avante garde music scene since 1996. Building vivid, compelling soundworlds using the Tranoe (a Peter B. instrument in the ambrazier family), guitar and voice, her music as one half of Metalux and Harrius as well as her solo project J.Graf has bent the ears and minds of those who venture into her world.

5/26 Tuesday (MB)
8 pm
Nate Wooley
Nate Wooley (trumpet) Josh Sinton (bass clarinet) Matt Moran (vibraphone)
John Hebert (bass) Harris Eisenstadt (drums)
A new group from Wooley exploring aleatoric counterpoint, jazz tradition and timbral exploration.

10 pm
Dennis D Anderton
Dennis D Anderton (erhu, oscillator)
2008’s Spirit Numbers is stripped down to its essential feeling and practice. Anderton reveals the skeleton of his compositional technique in songs about peace, faith, dance and doubt.

5/27 Wednesday
8 pm
Lary Seven
Lary Seven (electronics)
The analogue society’s minister of audiology and star of the avant garde showcase.

10 pm
Nonhorse: Non-Amoral Confusion/Drone
G. Lucas Crane (tapes, broken equipment)
Several sound performance pieces utilizing and about degraded samples, analogue tape, handmade broken equipment, source confusion and media fear.

5/28 Thursday
8 pm
Nowhere You! Everywhere The Electric!
Ursula Scherrer (projections) Alan Licht, Grey Gersten (guitars) Kato Hideki (bass)
A continuing series curated by Grey Gersten that brings together contemporary experimental film-makers and musicians for unique collaborative performances.

10 pm
Russian Tslarag
Hypnotic death rock music mixed with physical force. Plastic bags, romantic green fingernails and top notch show-menship. Five dollars.

5/29 Friday
8 pm
Fursaxa and Mary Lattimore
Tara Burke (vocals, keyboards, flutes, bells) Mary Lattimore (harp)
Music inspired by the rhythms of plants and their individual songs, healing sound patterns to listen to in waking/dreaming states when ordinary speech no longer suffices.

10 pm
Paul Metzger
Paul Metzger (banjo)
Improvisations on modified banjo.

5/30 Saturday (GG)
8 pm
Tristan Dahn
Tristan Dahn (guitar, saxophone, clarinet, guzheng, percussion, tapes, electronics)
Combining preconceived forms and improvisational methods, Tristan Dahn seeks to create lush narrative soundscapes, using a variety of instruments played with both traditional and extended techniques. Five dollars.

10 pm
Chris (guitars, keys, vocals) Brendan (guitars, keys, vocals) Janane (guitars, keys, vocals)
Visitations is a Portland, Maine-based group of free-form minimal psych-folk purveyors. Five dollars.

5/31 Sunday (MB)
8 pm
Rafi Bookstabber and Paul Grimes
Rafi Bookstabber (analog synth, guitar, sarangi, drums, voice, tape, flute) Paul Grimes (analog synth, guitar, sarangi, drums, voice, tape, flute)
New project from underground tape duo Death Chants is seriously zoned folk drone raga trance bliss-outs that stretch the death chants sound further into the realm of angus maclise damaged ecstasy. Five dollars.

10 pm
Aki Onda
Aki Onda (cassettes, electronics)
Aki Onda plays field-recordings collected by himself by cassette. Walkman over a span of two decades.

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Suoni Per Il Popolo 2009

Lisle Ellis performing live
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This year’s Suoni Per Il Popolo takes place in Montreal during June. Some artists scheduled to appear include: Dave Burrell Trio with William Parker & Nasheet Waits, Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Valentine Trio, John Oswald with Germaine Liu and Scott Thomson, Nicole Mitchell’s Truth or Dare with Shirazette Tinnin and Renee Baker, Instant Coffee with Lisle Ellis, Monk’s Casino (Alexander von Schlippenbach, Axel Dörner, Rudi Mahall, Jan Roder, Uli Jennessen), Timeless Pulse (Thomas Buckner, voice; George Marsh, percussion; Pauline Oliveros, accordion; David Wessel, live-electronics; Jennifer Wilsey, percussion), Jean Derome/Nicolas Caloia/Isaiah Ceccarelli, Six Organs of Admittance and many others.

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New Releases on Utech Records

From Utech:

Artist: Calcination
Released: March 28, 2009
Antoine Chessex: tenor sax, electronics, amp.
Ktho Zoid: guitar, electronics, amp.

Calcination is the first stage in the process of alchemical transformation, the administration of heat until a given substance is reduced to ash. It is often symbolized by sulfuric acid, a powerful corrosive that eats away flesh and reacts with all metals except gold. In sociological terms, the fire of calcination represents turning to dust/life and death. Antoine Chessex (Monno) and Ktho Zoid approach their music similarly, burning through dense layers of sax and guitar. Amplification, feedback and reduction are applied until an impenetrable resin remains.

Artist: Guillaume Gargaud
Title: She
Released: March 28, 2009

French improviser Guillaume Gargaud offers a recording of incisive sound, exposed through the glass of guitar and electronics. Subtly weaving dark sinew with touches of mysticism, She reveals a fabric threaded with beauty, malaise and acrid whispers. An unnerving and august collection of songs.

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Monday Evening Concerts: For Galina Ustvolskaya

Coming April 13 from LA’s Monday Evening Concerts

Galina Ustvolskaya Symphony No. 5 L.A. premiere
Klaus Lang the whitebearded man. the six frogs. World premiere
Galina Ustvolskaya Piano Sonata No. 4
Galina Ustvolskaya Piano Sonata No. 6
Pierluigi Billone Mani. MATTA World premiere
Galina Ustvolskaya Composition No. 2 “Dies Irae” L.A. premiere

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