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From Bagatellen:

Phill Niblock – Touch Strings
Following 2006’s monumental 3-CD set Touch Three, amid the uppermost pinnacles in Phill Niblock’s career, the latest bulletin by the Indiana dronemeister – who forces the aficionados to settle for just a double helping this time – is completely dedicated to string instruments, both electric and acoustic. The release was repeatedly postponed, generating the sort […]

David Sylvian – Manafon
Blemish must have marked a mini-seismic ‘event’ for David Sylvian when it was recorded over a six week hiatus, marking a departure from his normal precision in the studio. The songs were stark, aching confessionals that recalled the work of the late modernist Samuel Beckett in the honest nature of their ruminations on everything […]

Jon Mueller – Physical Changes
Table Of The Elements
Percussionist and composer Jon Mueller’s discerning creativity does not rule out a willingness to put the listener’s ears through the ordeals. His music is often bewilderingly violent, yet retains a pumping nucleus connecting it with all that matters in life, good or bad: bodily functions, natural phenomena, ecologic disasters, contagious enthusiasm. The […]

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Kinetic Harpoon (Pittman & Kaylor) Coming to Portland

From Portland Eye and Ear Control:

This is s duo of Kelvin Pittman and Mark E. Kaylor (sax and drums).
The show starts at 8pm at Waypost 3120 N Williams Avenue

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