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From Musique Machine:

Wolfskin – O Ajuntas das Sombras
O Ajuntas das Sombras (Ajuntas of the Shades) is a darkly enchanting, often hypnotic and at times very creepy shot of earthy woodland and ritual based dark ambience and chilling drone craft with hints of slowed and damned folk matter weaved in here and there along the albums deep dark and compelling woodland track.

The Incapacitants – Box Is Stupid(boxset)
Box is Stupid is a really luxurious and rather neat boxset that brings together 10 cd’s worth of early out print 1990’s tape releasers by Japanese noise tearing duo The Incapacitants. It’s really a must have item item for any serious and discerning noise fan

Deadwood – Ram Black
Ram Black is an ultra bleak and violent mixture of noise, blackened metal and doom guitar tone, brooding pitch black ambience and the odd primal industrial battering.

RST – Tomorrow’s Void
RST is New Zealand’s Andrew Moon, an artist who, though he has been known by those three initials for over a decade, seems tailor made for the Utech label. His electric guitar experiments are carefully arranged as to appear fully composed, yet on the other hand naturally flowing, indicating at least some level of improvisation. Moon’s approach to the guitar is not unheard of; he shapes feedback and seems to rarely if ever actually touch the strings of the instrument. What he culls from what has become an increasingly commonplace practice is what sets him apart; he creates a massive, cavernous atmosphere by overlapping elements created by plenty of analog effects and more than enough amplification.

Figueras,Toop & Burwell – Cholagogues
This is a rather active, quirky, textural varied and enjoyable long form piece of improv that was original recorded and put out in 1977 and here returns in a digital remaster form.

Sum Of R – Self Titled
Sum of R’s sound sit’s in an heady and atmospheric place between doom metallic’s, guitar drone craft, filmatic post-rock scaping, grim ‘n’ glighty ambience and general atmospheric dwell and unfold

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