Université de Liège Honor Musicians and Composers

The Université de Liège will be bestowing honorary doctorates on a number of musicians:

During the ceremony marking the beginning of the 2009-2010 academic year to be held on Thursday September 17, the University of liège will honour and confer its insignias of Doctor honoris causa upon the following seven musicians and composers of international renown:

* Dick Annegarn
* Anthony Braxton
* Arvo Pärt
* Henri Pousseur (posthumously)
* Frederic Rzewski
* Archie Shepp
* Robert Wyatt

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Pousseur on film

From Classical-Drone, a review of a new Henri Pousseur DVD.

A few years ago, Belgian composer Henri Pousseur donated all of his papers to the Paul Sacher Foundation in Switzerland. For his fourth trip to deliver his archives, he was accompanied by filmmakers Guy-Marc Hinant and Dominique Lohlé. The resulting documentary, Hommage au Sauvage, was released on DVD by Sub Rosa‘s video branch, OME. Most of the film is Pousseur seated in the back seat with the camera fixed in the same position, talking about various topics from the history and theory of the avant-garde to his views on aesthetics and the open work. Most of the chat relates to his music, although he also recounts a few personal moments of special significance. There are some sequences filmed at the Sacher Foundation, going over some of his papers with the archivists. What comes across most vividly in this 52-minute film is Pousseur’s engaging personality and his incisive attitude.

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RIP Henri Pousseur

Henri Pousseur passed on late last week.

Generally regarded as a member of the Darmstadt School in the 1950s, Pousseur’s music employs serialism, mobile forms, and aleatory, often mediating between or among seemingly irreconcilable styles, such as those of Schubert and Webern (Votre Faust), or Pousseur’s own serial style and the protest song “We shall overcome” (Couleurs croisées).

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DMG Newsletter February 13th, 2009

Paal Nilssen-Love
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From DMG:

Ken Vandermark Duets! Paal Nilssen-Love Duos: Peter Brotzmann & Joe McPhee! The Flow Trio (Belogenis/Morris/Downs)! Don Cherry Montmartre Live V3! Matt Lavelle!

Daniel Kelly! Alan Wilkinson/John Edwards/Steve Noble! Source Records Box Set! Boghossian/Tilbury/Wastell! John Cage! Peter Ablinger! Merzbow!

Sub Rosa DVD’s from David Toop and Henri Pousseur! 2 More from Toshi Ichiyanagi! More Secret Museum of Mankind Series! Rare Enja label Last Copies!

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