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Donation to David S. Ware

As promised, I’ve donated our advertising proceeds for the last 3 months to Aum Fidelity for their David S. Ware fund. Here’s to hoping David has a speedy recovery from his kidney transplant.

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Elaine di Falco on Hugh Hopper

Elaine di Falco writes on her times with Hugh Hopper.

I had known for a long time that though Hugh might not have been a frequently active part of my life, the parts of my life that did involve him meant a great deal to me. Some of the following details are a little foggy; others are vivid. It’s been years, but this is the story of how he touched my life.

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David S. Ware’s Health Update

From Aum Fidelity:

Dear friends, fans and extended family of the AUM Community:

It is with much happiness to report some great news on David’s journey. The first of the beautiful people who came forward in response to the call for help – this particular beautiful person being Laura Mehr – has passed the screening process with flying colors, and a date – May 5th – has been scheduled for the kidney transplant operation.

In the 8 weeks leading up to this date, David will of course continue his intensive daily dialysis regimen, and following the operation he will have at least a 3 month recuperation period.

In response to our initial email, a number of folks inquired about sending donations to David to help cover expenses during this period of time in which he has not been and will not be able to work. Any such donations would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to do so:

You can PayPal to this address/account:
in which case, please include a simple note, “for David S. Ware support”
You can also send check or money orders made out to David S. Ware to:

……..AUM Fidelity
……..PO Box 170147
……..Brooklyn, NY 11217

To all who forwarded and posted our original email with the critical news of his search, please do the same with this notice and this URL:, in order that the good news be spread as well!

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David S. Ware Needs A Kidney

David S.
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Sad news from Improvised Communications:

This announcement was sent today from Steven Joerg at AUM Fidelity:

This is an urgent notice on David S. Ware’s health. David needs to find a kidney donor.

David was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1999 and he began dialysis that fall. He had an intensive three week hemodialysis regime toward beginning peritoneal (self-administered) dialysis, which would allow him to travel.

He has been on this self-administered dialysis regime multiple times every day and night since October 1999. While certainly difficult, he has been able to travel, and perform his music undiminished, since then.

However, late this past December, David called to say that after 9 years this treatment was no longer working as it had been, and that a kidney transplant is the only viable option for his survival.

Since then a number of friends and family members have offered to give him one of their kidneys. Unfortunately, they have all been disqualified due to health reasons or not having David’s blood type, O.

Some basic/initial requirements for viable donors are that they must be under 60 years of age, do not have diabetes or high blood pressure, are in general good health, and have blood type O (either O or O- is fine).

The hospital where a transplant would take place is the very highly regarded Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ

Willing and able potential donors should please get in touch with us as soon as possible:

Steven Joerg / David S. Ware management
telephone: 718 854 2387

We will then get them directly in touch with the Kidney Transplant Center at RWJU Hospital to begin the screening process for donor viability.

Thank you on behalf of David S. Ware;

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Sonomu Reviews

From Sonomu:

Sleep Research Facility, Deep Frieze (Cold Spring)
This is the ambient music that ambient music puts on the stereo when it wants to unwind and get reaquainted with its roots. Toronto´s Sleep Research Facility perversely approach the “comfort of encroaching hypothermia” with this sweeping, textbook example of true soundscaping craftsmanship. The… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 08:20, 17 Nov 2008

Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry, Vryashn (CDR Gears of Sand)
The present reviewer must confess to having no idea of this duo´s track record, but artistically at least it looks like a case of the old ketchup-effect: nothing, nothing for a long time and then suddenly, splat! Five releases on three different labels, including their own, in a matter of a few… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:45, 05 Nov 2008

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