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Rudresh Mahanthappa
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Aki Takase & Rudi Mahall – Evergreen

In its formative years, free jazz was, in part, an oppositional movement away from canonized jazz standards. The same tradition-bucking largely holds true today with many players avoiding embrace of the so-called Great American Songbook altogether in favor of other building blocks. The upshot is the recurring accusation that they couldn’t play them […]

Rudresh Mahanthappa – Kinsmen

Rubbing collaborative elbows with one’s influences can be a transformative experience for any artist. Sonny Rollins seized just such opportunity in his friendly donnybrook with Coleman Hawkins for RCA. Mingus almost botched his with Ellington on the sow’s-ear-into-silk-purse Money Jungle session. Flash forward to present day and it’s altoist Rudresh Mahanthappa’s turn […]

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