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Charles Gayle
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22-Nov-08 Shakers N’ Bakers
YFZ (Yearning For Zion) (Little (i) Music)
Reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

22-Nov-08 Globe Unity Orchestra
Globe Unity Orchestra: Globe Unity – 40 Years (Intakt Records)
Reviewed by Andrey Henkin

22-Nov-08 Pete M. Wyer
Stories from the City at Night (Thirsty Ear Recordings)
Reviewed by Mark Corroto

22-Nov-08 Eivind Opsvik
Eivind Opsvik: Overseas III; Koptor & This That
Reviewed by Wilbur MacKenzie

22-Nov-08 Mark Dresser
Mark Dresser: The Beautiful Enabler & Point of Contact
Reviewed by Wilbur MacKenzie

22-Nov-08 Paul Motian
Paul Motian: Voices and Portrait in Jazz
Reviewed by Francis Lo Kee

21-Nov-08 Charles Gayle Trio
Forgiveness (Not Two Records)
Reviewed by Mark Corroto

20-Nov-08 Michael Dessen Trio
Between Shadow and Space (Clean Feed Records)
Reviewed by Greg Camphire

20-Nov-08 Daniel Levin Trio
Fuhuffah (Clean Feed Records)
Reviewed by Troy Collins

20-Nov-08 Paul Bley Quintet
Barrage (ESP Disk)
Reviewed by Jerry D’Souza

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