AMN Reviews: Simon McCorry – Borderland [Bandcamp]; Fabio Orsi – Each Day Moon Tide [Oltrarno Recordings]

Two recent releases of electronic music supply dreamscapes for autumn’s beginning.

On Borderland, UK cellist and sound designer Simon McCorry offers floating, resonant music suggestive of expansive spaces and deep perspectives. McCorry’s sound consists in slowly changing harmonies of layered tones that create a subdued, dramatic tension by moving toward and away from each other. The tracks are crafted from looped and treated cello and field recordings, with the cornet of Harry Furniss appearing on the densely dissonant Awakening.

Fabio Orsi is an electronic artist from Taranto in Puglia, Italy. His release on Berlin’s Oltrarno Recordings is a collection of soundscapes with a decidedly retro shading. The three tracks on Each Day Moon Tide were recorded live and built up out of looped cells undergirded with electronic rhythms; while they recall some of the classic electronic recordings of the 1970s and 1980s, they manage to retain a particular sound of their own.