Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Aldous Huxley & Bernard Herrmann – Brave New World
This disk brings together a two part 1956 radio play of Aldous Huxley’s classic sci-fi tale of future totalitarian and social engineered state, with narration by the author and musically cues by Bernard Herrmann.

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer started making their murderous and sleazy mix of blacked noise, grim power electronics & sicken clanking ambience back in 2005 & have racking up so far an impressive 30 plus release taking in cdr’s, tapes, split’s and ltd vinyl pressing- the wonderfully titled Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass is their first proper cd releases.

Torben Snekkestad – Conic Folded
The Norwegian jazz scene since very long has proven to be one to be reckoned with as well as being a typical addition to the worldwide jazz canon. Conic Folded by saxophoneplayer Torben Snekkestad is yet another record to confirm this.

Outward Bound – n/t
Likely to be named after Eric Dolphy‘s album of the name Outward Bound this Greek duo Outward Bound takes a different, more ambient approach. A bit different from what we’re used to from Triple Bath as well, more traditional and less experimental.

Jim O’Rourke – I’m Happy and I’m Singing and 1,2,3,4
This is a reissue of Jim O’Rourke’s classic ‘laptop’ album which offers up the original masterpiece of felt and creative laptop manipulations along with an second equal marvellous disk of unreleased laptop material.

Nate Young – Regression
Regression is the new solo album from Wolf eyes founding member Nate Young and it finds him offering up seven tracks of grim and analogue bound Sonics that for the most part stay away from noisy territory and focus more on horrify and bleak mood setting vibe.

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Oliver Lake at Twins Reviewed

A recent Oliver Lake performace gets reviewed.

Lake, dressed elegantly if singularly in a purple shirt and black vest, and the trio began almost on schedule (a rarity at Twins) with Eric Dolphy’s wonderfully angular “Gazzelloni.” Lake and Gold were in playful, almost sloppy communion on the tune, Lake letting loose with fiery melody and Jared Gold doing a weird twist on the Hammond’s churchy soul sound. Gold’s unique blend of sanctified riffs and atonal flights of fancy echoed of free jazz, generally and specifically: his phrases resembled the written bridge in Ornette Coleman’s titular 1960 album. As for Walker, he might have been the most experimental player, intent on exploring the range of colors in his kit (particularly the hi-hat and cymbals); he was also the loudest, but without overwhelming Lake and Gold.

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Coming to the Bohemian National Home

Han Bennink im Club W71 in Weikersheim
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From Detroit’s Bohemian National Home:

Friday Jan 23rd at 2739 Edwin Gallery: Han Bennink and Mary Oliver! plus Traum (hall/buetow/riggs)
Han Bennink returns to one of his favorite cities with his partner and Instant Composers Pool collaborator Mary Oliver on violin and viola. Two of the outstanding musicians of our time, Han and Mary can careen from swinging chamber jazz to the furthest reaches of free improv.

Han first came to notice as the young Dutch drummer of choice for Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins and Eric Dolphy. Since the early 60’s, he has been a leading figure of the European avant garde, forming ICP with pianist Misha Mengelberg and performing with Peter Brotzmann, Fred Van Hove and Alexander von Schlippenbach. Over the last several decades, his amazing virtuosity has graced work by Don Cherry, Lee Konitz, Derek Bailey and Eugene Chadbourne.

Mary Oliver is a California native who attend Mills College. In addition to working with ICP and improvising greats like Evan Parker, George Lewis and Phil Minton, Mary has an impressive Classical/New Music career that has seen her debut works by Morton Feldman, John Cage and Iannis Xenakis.

Opening the night will be a set from chamber improvisers Traum: Ben Hall, Hans Buetow and Chris Riggs Come see these great musicians in one of the friendliest places in town. Loft music in Hamtramck!

2739 Edwin is located at 2739 Edwin! Doors at 8 pm; $10-20 suggested donation.

Coming soon:

In Feb: Jeff Marx Quartet

5/4 Peter Brotzmann Trio

5/14 OffOnOff (Terry Ex of The Ex and Paal Nilssen Love)

DATE CORRECTION: 5/30 Jack Wright/Bob Marsh

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KFJC Reviews

KFJC just posted a ridiculous number of avant music reviews. I’ll try to summarize some of what is now available:

Wagner, Rob Trio – “Rob Wagner Hamid Drake Nobu Ozaki ” – [Valid Records]
El Zabar’s, Kahil Infinity Orchestra – “Transmigration ” – [Delmark]
Dixon, Bill / Shepp, Archie [coll] – [Savoy Jazz]
Bang, Billy Quintet – “Above & Beyond: Live In Grand Rapids ” – [Justin Time Records]
Slow Six – “Nor’easter ” – [New Albion]
Abrams, Muhal Richard – “Vision Towards Essence ” – [Pi Recordings]
Frenette, Kevin 4 – “Connections ” – [Fuller Street Music]
Eisenbeil, Bruce Sextet – “Inner Constellation ” – [Nemu]
Dolphy, Eric – “Great Concert of Eric Dolphy, The ” – [Fantasy Records]
Coleman, Ornette – “Friends and Neighbors: Ornette Live At Prince Street ” – [Flying Dutchman Prod.]
Perrey, Jean-Jacques & Vibert, Luke – “Moog Acid ” – [Lo Recordings]
Sun Ra – “Night of The Purple Moon, The ” – [Atavistic (Unheard Music)]
His Name Is Alive – “Sweet Earth Flower : a Tribute to Marion Brown ” – [High Two]

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