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From Dusted:

Artist: Peter Wright
Album: An Angel Fell Where the Kestrels Hover
Label: Spekk
Review date: Jan. 11, 2010

Artist: Keith Rowe / Sachiko M
Album: Contact
Label: Erstwhile
Review date: Jan. 8, 2010

Artist: Burkhard Stangl / Kai Fagaschinski
Album: Musik — Ein Porträt In Sehnsucht
Label: Erstwhile
Review date: Jan. 7, 2010

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Sonomu Reviews

From Sonomu:

Christopher DeLaurenti, Favorite Intermissions (GD Stereo)
“I adore listening”. That heart-felt declaration comes from guerilla field-recordist Christopher DeLaurenti, whose Favorite Intermissions is actually the result of an illegal act, at least in the eyes of the American Musician´s Union (the same union that back in the eighties attempted to ban the… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:42, 09 Jul 2009

Now Ensemble, Now Ensemble (New Amsterdam)
The Now Ensemble is a septet showcasing compositions by its own members on this, its debut album. Plus one piece by Nico Muhly, the current darling of an inspiring form of urban pastoralism within “loft and gallery pop/art” music. Its members include Judd Greenstein (who also mans the record label)… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 13:26, 07 Jul 2009

Mantis, Dubious (Tiltloose)
Mantis are a Japanese duo consisting of Moss and La-Pachu who have spent several years honing their craft unveiling themselves to the world on this cleverly-titled debut (which has already been championed by Rob Smith of Smith & Mighty). The cover art by one Drawize is a kick too, a mind-boggling… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 04:55, 05 Jul 2009

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Hoor Paar Kraat – A Whisper In The Sow’s Ear
This 3 inch cd finds surreal sound smiths Hoor Paar Kraat in a more horror filled droney, ritual, hypnotic and mainly field recording stripped mind set. With the 3 pieces on offer here concentrating on sinister manipulated gong, feed back and singing bowl tones.

Alex TiuniaevI Knew Her
I knew her is one long gracefully, majestic and building 40 minute track that mixers together soundtrack string soar, electronics, synthetic choir elements, ect

Various Artists – Zelphabet Vol E
This is the 5th letter volume compilation from the Zelphabet label this time as the title suggests taking in artists beginning with the letter E. We have five tracks on offer here one from each of Ed Osborn, Elliott Sharpe, Emil Beaulieau & Evil Moisture.

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