Ashtray Navigations / Flower-Corsano Duo in Syracuse

From New Thing Productions:

Ashtray Navigations
Flower-Corsano Duo
Thursday, October 29
$15 General Admission
$12 Students and Seniors

Red House welcomes Psychedelic Noise Project from UK!

Red House Arts Center has become a standout venue in Central New York for experimentalmusicians, hosting Alva Noto & Byetone from Germany, mudboy from Providence, and Zach Layton,MV Carbon and The Loud Objects from New York City. This trend continues when Red Housewelcomes Ashtray Navigations and the Flower-Corsano Duo from the Termite Club in the United Kingdom.

Phil Todd, inspired by the UK’s underground tape music scene, formed Ashtray Navigations in 1994 in Stoke On Trent, England. The psychedelic noise project defies easy categorization given the diverse nature of Todd’s collaborators and the incredible breadth of work Ash Nav has created. Ash Nav consists of Phil Todd (guitar/electronics) and Melanie Delaney, aka Ocelocelot (electronics).

“No matter how limited or impossible to find, every release by this one-man-plus sideshow proves to be a stimulating slice of homemade musical nirvana.” – Foxy Digitalis

Michael Flower (shahi baaja, a modified electric version of the Indian bulbul tarang) has been involved in a number of solo projects and is best know for his work with Vibracathedral Orchestra. Chris Corsano plays drums and has performed with Paul Flaherty, Jim O’Rourke, Björk, EvanParker, Jandek, Thurston Moore, Vampire Belt and Six Organs of Admittance among others.

Ashtray Navigations and the Flower-Corsano Duo will perform at the Red House Arts Center on Thursday, October 29 at 9PM. Tickets are $15 general admission, $12 for students and seniors and are available from For more information please contact Mike Intaglietta at 315-425-0405 or email

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Interviews Releases Reviews

August Point of Departure

I’m not sure how it happened but we missed last months Point of Departure. So we’re making up for that now.

Bobby Bradford @ 75: an appreciation by James Newton

Page One: a column by Bill Shoemaker

What’s New?: The PoD Roundtable

The Book Cooks: Fear Of Music: Why People Get Rothko But Don’t Get Stockhausen
by David Stubbs & Wicked Theory, Naked Practice: A Fred Ho Reader, Edited by Diane C. Fujino

Far Cry: a column by Brian Morton

Moment’s Notice: Reviews of Recent Recordings

Ezz-thetics: a column by Stuart Broomer

Travellin’ Light: Ab Baars Ig Henneman

Future Shock: a column by Kevin Patton

Parisian Thoroughfare: curated by Alexandre Pierponte

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Performances Reviews

The Paul Dunmall Trio at the Vortex, London

All About Jazz reviews this recent show.

British reedman Paul Dunmall breaks bread with a wide range of collaborators. While the ensuing documentation is less prolific than say Anthony Braxton’s or Steve Lacy’s in either’s heyday, there is rarely overlap in personnel on consecutive discs. Saxophone, bass and drums have proved a particularly fertile configuration for Dunmall, borne out by his Deep Joy trio (Duns Limited Edition, 2004) with Paul Rogers and Tony Levin (long time associates in improvising ensemble Mujician) and most recently by what has come to be known as the Profound Sound Trio with Henry Grimes and Andrew Cyrille. Such has been the success of the latter, first at the 2008 Vision Festival and then at the 2009 Cheltenham Jazz Festival in England, that a November UK tour is mooted.

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Sonomu Reviews

From Sonomu:

Celer, Cantus Libres (2 CDR self-released)
Though they only started releasing music in 2004, this husband and wife duo of multidisciplinarians has been so prolific, and are so obviously talented and imaginative, that it has quickly garned respect and admiration from all corners of the ambient listening (and performing) community. Note for… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:20, 02 Jul 2009

Pocka, Uhrwerk (CDR The Hand Work Press)
A beauty of a private, letterpress edition made in only thirty copies by fellow electronic artist Matt Borghi. Brad “Pocka” Mitchell is an enthusiastic, if now maybe crestfallen, supporter of small music, which he released in a steady stream on his now-defunct Kikapu netlabel. Uhrwerk is as… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 09:23, 01 Jul 2009

Max Richter, Songs From Before (Fat Cat)
This album has been out for a while and praised to the skies by just about all and sundry, but it´s worth reminding oneself about in the midst of the summer steam. A new breed of young, non-conventional minimalist composers – with (just names off the top of my head) Sylvain Chaveau, Nico Muhly,… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:53, 01 Jul 2009

Rachel Unthank and The Winterset, The Bairns (Rough Trade)
For hundreds of years, rural England has bred balladry which reads like news reports from the soul, describing death, loss, longing, and wavering faith, and featuring a cast of remorseful murderers, lovers joined only by the roots entwining their buried bones, wives all along the coast pacing their… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:26, 28 Jun 2009

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Free Music Performances

The Convergence Quartet Live Show Available

The Birmingham Jazz Jukebox is hosting a recent live recording of the Convergence Quartet.

The Convergence Quartet
Recorded Live for Birmingham Jazz
@ Jazz Club, The Rainbow, Birmingham
29th April 2009

Taylor Ho Bynum – Cornet, etc.
Alexander Hawkins – Piano, etc.
Domonic Lash – Contrabass
Harris Eisenstadt – Drums

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Hugh Hopper Obituary

Photo self-portrait
Image via Wikipedia has a nice obituary piece for Hugh Hopper.

Hugh Hopper, who as the bassist for the British progressive rock band Soft Machine was a central figure in the forward-looking music scene that bloomed in Canterbury in the 1960s and ’70s, died on Sunday in the county of Kent, England. He was 64 and lived in Whitstable, Kent.

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Jazz Prospecting From Tom Hull

More reviews from Tom Hull

Paul Dunmall Sun Quartet: Ancient and Future Airs (2008 [2009], Clean Feed)
Denman Maroney Quintet: Udentity (2008 [2009], Clean Feed)
Michael Blake/Kresten Osgood: Control This (2006 [2009], Clean Feed)
Trinity: Breaking the Mold (2006 [2009], Clean Feed)
Gypsy Schaeffer: New Album (2008 [2009], PeaceTime)
Rova: The Juke Box Suite (2006 [2007], Not Two)
Larry Ochs/Rova Special Sextet/Orkestrova: The Mirror World (2005 [2007], Metalanguage, 2CD)

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John Zorn and Matana Roberts on BBC Radio 3

BBC Radio 3 is featuring a performance of John Zorn this week, and next week will feature one by Matana Roberts.

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Daniel Higgs/The Naked Future/Bill Nace/Powernap in Portland

From Portland Eye and Ear Control:

Artistery: 4315 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97206

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Sonomu Reviews

From Sonomu:

itsnotyouitsme, Walled Gardens (New Amsterdam)
Take two perfectly lovely voices each abandoning their respective egos to harmonize and therewith, you have something greater – listen to Simon & Garfunkel. A duet allows for thoughts developed individually to immediately be responded to, expanding upon and improved. Walled Gardens is essentially a… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 08:28, 30 Mar 2009

Isnaj Dui, Patterns in Rocks (FBox Records)
Katie English studied flute at the conservatory, electroacoustic music under renowned English performer Philip Waschmann, and gamelan on her own, all of which certainly resonate in her compositions. Given the album title and names of several of the eight cuts, you´d expect a heavier, denser sound,… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 08:23, 30 Mar 2009

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