Sound-Minds Fortress, Travis Johns, Scott Stobbe in Portland

From Portland Eye and Ear Control:

Thursday, November 19th
8pm, $5 suggested donation (no one turned away)
@ Enterbeing
1603 NE alberta

Sound-Minds Fortress: Strings and Harmonium (members include Warren Lee, Mary Sutton, and Gabriel Will)
Travis Johns: Electronics from San Fran!
Scott Stobbe and Ensemble: New works for ensemble by Scott Stobbe incorporating inspiration and field recordings from his recent travels in Europe.

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Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

From NY’s ISSUE Project Room:

07/15 @ 8pm – Mari Kimura with Liubo Borissov and Kevork Mourad
Organic Digits: Kimura-Borissov-Mourad Project Mari Kimura teams up with visual artists Liubo Borissov and Kevork Mourad, presenting everything from her virtuosic solo works of her signature bowing technique Subharmonics, to realtime interactive audio visual works, using Issue Project Room’s 15 channel diffusion system. Kimura’s violin and Mourad’s paintings are processed in realtime using MaxMSP/Jitter, a […]

07/16 @ 8pm – MV Carbon Okkyung Lee
MV Carbon is a Brooklyn based sound artist and composer. She collects field recordings and builds samples to create moody soundscapes. Her cello is manipulated and processed through reel-to-reel tape machines and numerous electronic devices, including an accelerometer on the cello bow programmed to effect pitch. Her orchestrations are designed to form visualizations as the […]

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Unnamed Music Festival Review

Bagatellen reviews London’s recent Unnamed Music Festival.

Friday night opened with a long, appropriately meandering set from Jamie Coleman (trumpet, objects), Paul Abbott (electronics, homebrew), Ute Kanngiesser (cello) and Grundik Kasyansky (electronics, homebrew). This was another group I was particularly interested in hearing, in large part for my general unfamiliarity with the musicians save for Coleman. Their set opened with some chamber-like interplay, quickly moving into harsh territory due to the welcome restlessness of the electronicians. Kasyansky — calmly in his chair — brought in frenetic electronic outbursts, immediately subduing his gear with silence by way of switches and a mixer.

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Merzbow – Hodosan
Hodosan three long tracks are made up of bombarding, bone shaking and violent live drum work-outs that are complex, brutal & offten improvised. And weaved in and out of the near constant drum attacks are singed, boiled and burnt noise scapes.

The Legendary Pink DotsAlchemical Playschool
Alchemical Playschool finds field recordings from around India and Indian music twang meeting the psychedelic electronics and general post industrial oddness of The Legendary Pink Dots muisc.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Parais – Cometary Orbital Drive
Cometary orbital Drive is another fine and rewarding example of Acid mother Temples distinctive and one-off sound. With this time around things staying very tied into a spaced Kraut rock type groove, but with the usual quirky and at times bizarre elements and sonic progressions thrown in too.

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Bagatellen Reviews

From Bagatellen:

Ferran Fages – al voltant d’un paral‘lel (Etude)
Cremaster sure seems ages ago. It could be said that his duo projects with Alfredo Costa Monteiro comprised the formative years for Ferran Fages, yet Cremaster’s music (2001 — 2003, roughly) remains so… tip-of-the-spear. While Fages and Monteiro were utilizing in their music electronic equipment and instrumentation that was on its way […]

Peter Kowald – Open Secrets (FMP)
In a field as vast and varied as improvised music, it is essential to periodically reacquaint the ears with recordings, particularly if a purveyor has passed on. This solo recital from Peter Kowald is a reminder that the bassist’s character was as rugged and singular as his approach to his instrument. A world traveler…

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