Canid / Layne Garrett / Insert Factory in DC Tonite

From Sonic Circuits:

Tuesday June 16
Doors 730pm Music 8pm SHARP
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910
located three blocks south of the silver spring metro station (red line)
Free parking in gated lot out front

Benefit for new PA system!

As Canid I work with a setup which has, at its core, a multi-effects box, a mixer, several effects pedals, a small electronic keyboard, a volume pedal, and microphone. It has also included contact mics, jawharp, melodica, drums, hand percussion, slide whistle, feedback loops, radio talk shows, and others’ voices.

Layne Garrett creates free folk, free improv from homemade instruments/sculptures.

Insect Factory is as quiet as sleep itself. Drones so soft and delicate, that they hardly exist, instead are merely imagined. Or they can rattle your balls.

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