November at the Velvet Lounge

Mwata Bowden
Image by Seth Tisue via Flickr

A partial list rom Chicago’s Velvet Lounge. Check their site for dates.

Kahil El’ Zabar Quartet (drums/percussion/vocals) with Edwin Daugherty (sax), Justin Dillard (keys), Junius Paul (bass); this gig will both celebrate Kahil’s Birthday (at midnight), and also Kahil’s first ever performance at the Velvet Lounge closed

AACM Experimental Chamber Ensemble with Dee Alexander (vocals/percussion), Ann Ward (vocals/keys/percussion), Douglas Ewart (woodwinds/percussion), Mwata Bowden (woodwinds/percussion), Tomeka Reid (cello), Art “Turk” Burton (percussion), Dushun Mosley (drums/percussion)

New Horizons Reunion Ensemble with Jeff Parker (guitar), Steve Berry (trombone), Yosef Ben Israel (bass), Avreeayl Ra (drums/percussion)

Ernest Dawkins‘ New Horizons Ensemble “Old & New” with Jeff Parker (guitar), Steve Berry (trombone), Darius savage (bass), Isaiah Spencer (drums/percussion)

Ed Wilkerson (woodwinds/percussion); Jeff Parker (guitar); Dushun Mosley (drums); bassist Brian Smith

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