AMN Reviews: Tim Olive & Jason Kahn – Two Sunrise [845-3]; Tim Olive & Anne-F Jacques – Dominion Mills [845-4]

Two related yet contrasting duo releases from Tim Olive, a Canadian-born sound artist now residing in Kobe, Japan. On both CDs, Olive plays an instrument of his own making, a kind of radically reduced electric guitar consisting of a single-string and magnetic pickups.

The four untitled tracks of Two Sunrise, which match Olive’s electric monochord to Jason Kahn’s analogue electronics, represent a 35-minute selection from material recorded live and in the studio in 2012 in Japan. The harder-edged of the two releases, Two Sunrise is a collection of chirps and static, or irregular bursts of crackling energy riding a surf of feedback, the cumulative effect of which calls up images of the chattering internal monologues of fictional electronic devices or radios rising up in revolt.

By contrast Dominion Mills, with Anne-F Jacques on amplified electric motors, has a more subdued and evenly-spread dynamic overall and at times pulses with a regular rhythm. The three tracks, also untitled, were recorded in Jacques’ Montreal studio in July 2013. The result is approximately 30 minutes’ worth of a relatively low-tech sound made up of sometimes dramatic, sometimes muted contrasts in surface textures and the rhythms of timbral change.