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Teatro Satanico – Black Magick Block
Black Magick Block is a damned, often hypnotic and black occult merging of dense electronica, jack knife beats, industrial overload & noise matter- with the odd bizarre dip into camp theatrical meets butch electro pop here and there too; but always with prime evil and at times frightening grace.

Satan is My Brother – Satan is My Brother
Satan is My Brother is a provocative name which might lead one to believe that the listener is headed into dark and frightening terrain. The Cover is basic black, with a sticker bearing the name of the band and a vortex illustration. The CD-R is black, with a black bottom, and included in the disc sleeve is a black insert. There is no information about the band, recording location, or even a label designation. It makes for a very mysterious first impression. It’s intriguing then that the music included here is not particularly frightening at all. It has a few moments of creepiness, especially the spoken word snippets, which resemble invocations. It does project an heir of dread, a grainy Film Noir quality, which is also imbued with a Burroughsian other worldliness.

Final – Dead Air
Dead Air is the tenth full length release from Justin Broderick’s weighty & moody electronica, meets grim ambient, meets industrialized pounding project Final. It finds him offer up a more consistent, often dense & noise bound take on his sound; making this a rewarding mixture of barren dark almost sci-fied cinmatics and pressing often airless electro weight.

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