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From Musique Machine:

The Residents – The Ughs
‘The Ughs’ finds The Residents offer up an instrumental album that has a distinctive native American Indian & world music flavour to it, though of course fed through The Residents distinctive, slightly wonky & one- off take on sound making.

Mouthguts – III
The wonderfully named Mothguts are a four piece from New Jersey & Brooklyn who make a face slamming & horn honking mix of proton King Crimson like mettlics, galloping grind-cored & punchy hard core rock, searing jazz attacks & the odd dip into more atmospheric & sleazed jazz/ rock work-outs.

Jute Gyte – Subcon
As much as they may try to distinguish themselves, the obscure Jute Gyte clearly belongs to the recent wave of lo-fi “progressive” noise, a genre that blends various extreme electronic subgenres that perhaps all share a certain spirit.

Theme – Valentine (Lost) Forever
I have this thing against bothering with lousy copies of the original when the original is still alive, kicking and demanding very much to be heard on his/her/its own terms. Case in point: David Tibet and Current 93, who with Nature Unveiled and Dogs Blood Rising gave me creeps and unease of a kind that few others (save maybe his buddy Steve Stapleton) have been able to match.

Various Artists – Brick By Brick
‘Brick By Brick’ is an impressively presented, distinctive looking & sonically quality bound collection of Harsh Noise Wall material. The set offers up seven HNW artists who get a 3inch disc or twenty minutes worthy of space each.

Andreas Brandal – Blunt Force Trauma
‘Blunt Force Trauma’ finds the often noise bound & prolific Andreas Brandal( Flesh coffin, Hour Of The Wolf, Drevne Bolesti) in a slightly less noise & more horror fed harmonic state of sonic mind. Though there’s still a fair share of noise bound elements thrown towards you with-in here too; it just more atmospheric & harmonic bound in it’s intent then much of his work I’ve heard thus far.

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Musique Machine Reviews

Current 93 in 2007
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From Musique Machine:

Orignal Silence – The Secound Original Silence
Having been very much taken by the debut album of this jazz, noise improv collective and putting it in my best of 07 list I was very excited when this came tumbling through my letter box

Current Ninety Three – Soft Black Stars
This is a reissue of an album original released back in 1998 which highlights some of David Tibet‘s most beautiful & enchanting lyrics, which truly puts him on par with the great English poets and writers of the past. You can really see this been Studied and quoted in years to come.

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