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Boredoms at the 2006 Intonation Music Festival...
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Alan Courtis – Unstringed Guitar & Cymbals
Alan Courtis is an experimental musician perhaps most widely known for his involvement in the now defunct band Reynols. Yet he has has collaborated with a litany of others including such heavyweights as Lee Renaldo Sonic Youth , Eddie Prevost AMM , Pauline Oliveros, Yoshimi and Yamamoto Boredoms , Damo Suzuki Can , and seemingly countless others. Both alone, with bands and collaborations, he has issued over two hundred recordings in just over a decade, a massive body of work by anyone s standards.

Beaks Plinth – Kai Kohola Leo
Beaks Plinth is the new project from the highly productive turntable-list/ musician Jared Blum Blanketship, Vulcanus 68,ect . With this project he homes in on a sort of doomy, nightmarish and woozy take on exotica & easy listening.

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