Fred Frith All-Star Birthday Concert

A bunch of pictures from Frith’s 60th.

This concert, billed as “The Music Of Fred Frith,” was presented as a celebration of Fred Frith’s 60th birthday this year, and took place at Mills College in Oakland CA on the Sunday afternoon of 5 April 2009. Featured were solo and ensemble improvisations, a Frith composition entitled “Water Stories” for chamber quintet, and Frith’s most recent rock quartet, Cosa Brava. It was a fine testament in performance to an artist who has been challenging, expanding and dissolving musical boundaries for forty years.

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New Robert Rich Live Releases

From Robert Rich:

So, what is Live Archive, and why am I releasing it now? Live Archive consists of 7 concerts that I really enjoyed, whose recordings had a good sound quality and where I played something different from the studio. These are mixing board dubs, recorded at CD quality with my approval. Several of the concerts were completely improvised and do not repeat any studio compositions. A few of the recording were available as radio streams, torrents, bootlegs or limited CDRs, so I wanted to give people a chance to get mastered, cleaned-up, full resolution versions of these if they wanted. A few of these concerts represent important pivots in my career, and you can hear ideas in their raw stage of formation.

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Charlemagne Palestine still pushes his keyboard to the limit

From the Los Angeles Times:

Palestine, known in music circles for his marathon all-night concerts in the 1970s (they were often so intense that he bled on the keys) is returning to the Los Angeles stage tonight after an 11-year absence. As part of the Monday Evening Concerts series, he will perform one of his seminal works, “Schlingen-Blängen,” on one of the world’s largest church pipe organs at the First Congregational Church.

“I can’t say, at 61 years old, that I can be maximal every day,” he added. “But when I play this big organ, it’s going to resound like Armageddon come home.”

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Iconic composer George Crumb honored in concert

American composer George Crumb. Photo by Sabin...
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Western Michigan University is the place for some upcoming Crumb performances:

The Bullock Performance Institute of Western Michigan University’s School of Music will celebrate the 80th birthday of iconic American composer George Crumb by presenting concerts featuring performances of his work.

The concerts of the George Crumb Festival will feature performances by the piano duo Quattro Mani on Tuesday and the Colorado String Quartet on Wednesday.

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Nick Hallett at the Stone

Hallett will be featured at New York’s Stone.

Nick Hallett in recital
Tuesday, February 17 at 8pm
The Stone
Corner of 2nd Street and Avenue C, New York
$10 admission

Nick Hallett is a musician and avid curator working in the intersection of sound, moving image, and live performance. Nick’s projects encompass singing various genres of new music (from opera to cabaret to extended vocal technique), composing for film and theater, and staging new media performance. He originated the band PLANTAINS, which from 2000 until 2003 operated as a live multimedia act, incorporating electronic music and video. His New York opera debut was in 2005 at the Kitchen in Susie Ibarra‘s Shangri-La at The Kitchen. His has since presented several music-based multimedia concerts at The Kitchen, in addition to singing the music of Arthur Russell there as part of a shared bill in 2008. He is deeply devoted to performing the work of Meredith Monk, and has performed her cycle, Our Lady of Late, at Performa07, Chashama, and Dixon Place. He is the co-curator of the Darmstadt series, which is regularly recognized in the New York Times and Time Out New York for its innovative programming of new music, in addition to being the producer and music curator for the Joshua Light Show. He has two original music-theater works in development, one with playwright Jessica Blank (The Exonerated, Iraq Refugee Project) and another with video-performance artist Shana Moulton (Whispering Pines). Upcoming concerts for 2009 include a solo recital at The Stone, and another tribute to Arthur Russell (which he is performing in and co-organizing) at Le Poisson Rouge, as part of the Wordless Music Series.

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Big Ears Festival

Oliveros playing in Mexico City
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Big Ears 09 is coming up in early February in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The mission of BIG EARS is to offer an exciting and dynamic platform of musical and artistic discovery, presenting a variety of adventurous, exploratory concerts and performances, installations, discussions, and interactive experiences by artists possessed of singular and unique visions that stand apart from the mainstream.

FENNESZ (solo)
MICHAEL GIRA (Swans / Angels of Light)

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