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Vaudeville and Avant-Garde Strings at Le Poisson Rouge


The two shows at Le Poisson Rouge on Monday evening, though both rooted in classical music, could not have been more different. At the early show Polkastra, a virtuosic polka ensemble led by the violinist Lara St. John, with the composer Ronn Yedidia as its accordionist, played wildly idiosyncratic arrangements and original music from its new recording, “Apolkalypse Now.” A more restrained sort of virtuosity governed the late show, the Jack Quartet’s program of avant-garde string quartets in the Moving Sound Festival’s final concert.

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The Squid’s Ear Reviews

The latest reviews from the Squid’s Ear:

Kullhammar / Osgood / Vagan – Andratx Live
Evan Parker – Saxophone Solos
Molly Berg & Stephen Vitiello – The Gorilla Variations
Dan Warburton – Profession Reporter
Indigo Trio – Anaya
Agusti Fernandez – Un Llamp Que no S’acaba Mai

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The Un-Australian String Quartet featuring Jon Rose

From Experimental Melbourne, coming this Sunday to the Horse Bazaar.

On stage for the first (and perhaps last) time are The Un-Australian String Quartet. featuring:

Jon Rose – violin, tenor violin
Erkki Veltheim – violin, viola
James Rushford – viola
Anthea Caddy – violoncello

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