Alessandro Bosetti Interview

From New York’s Roulette:

Central to the music of Trophies is the voice or a multitude of voices.  A type of voices bordering song and speech but not embracing either one of those practices completely. On November 14th at Roulette, composer and sound artist Alessandro Bosetti presented TROPHIES along with Kenta Nagai, and Ches Smith.  We met up with Alessandro to talk about the project. 

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December 01, 2009
Ryan Blotnick Band, Korzo
Ryan Blotnick, Simon Jermyn, Jeff Williams, Perry Wortman
These Arches, Korzo
Mary Halvorson, Tony Malaby, Andrea Parkins, Ches Smith
Decoupage, The Stone
Mary Halvorson, Curtis Hasselbring, Matt Moran, Satoshi Takeishi

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Mary Halvorson In November

From Improvised Communications:

Fresh off a successful European duo tour with Jessica Pavone that ended earlier in the month, guitarist/composer Mary Halvorson is only playing a few gigs in November with Crackleknob, Ellery Eskelin and Lisa Mezzacappa.

Next month things heat up again when she will play two gigs with her quintet, record the follow-up to her acclaimed debut, Dragon’s Head (Firehouse 12 Records), and head back to Europe for a week-long tour with her longstanding trio featuring John Hébert and Ches Smith.

11/15 :: Douglass Street Music Collective (Brooklyn, NY)

Ellery Eskelin
11/21 :: Cornelia Street Cafe (New York, NY)

Lisa Mezzacappa
11/22 :: Zebulon (Brooklyn, NY)

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Terry Riley – More Than Just Minimalism at Le Poisson Rouge


More than 45 years have passed since Terry Riley composed “In C,” a watershed work that heralded the breakthrough of Minimalism. The piece is in no danger of losing its freshness; the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble, a mostly undergraduate group based in Michigan, will release a new recording of “In C” in November, along with a second CD containing 18 imaginative remixes. The Michigan players will celebrate their new album with a concert at Le Poisson Rouge on Nov. 8.

But when Mr. Riley appeared at that club on Sunday night, “In C” was the furthest thing from the agenda. What became clear during the performance — which also featured Mr. Riley’s son, the guitarist and composer Gyan Riley; Tracy Silverman, an electric-violinist; and Ches Smith, a percussionist — was just how poorly the Minimalist label suits Mr. Riley now.

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Image of Nate Wooley from Facebook
Image of Nate Wooley


September 20, 2009
Charles Rumback Quartet, Cornelia Connelly Center
Jason Ajemian, Pedro Costa, Charles Rumback, Joshua Sclar, Greg Ward
Fight the Big Bull, Cornelia Connelly Center
Steven Bernstein, Pinson Chanselle, Bryan Hooten, Brian Jones, JC Kuhl, John Lilley, Bob Miller, Reggie Pace, Cameron Ralston, Jason Scott, Matthew White

September 19, 2009
Darren Johnston Quintet, Cornelia Connelly Center
Sheldon Brown, Trevor Dunn, Darren Johnston, Oscar Noriega, Ches Smith
Kirk Knuffke Quartet, Cornelia Connelly Center
Pedro Costa, Jeff Davis, Brian Drye, Kirk Knuffke, Reuben Radding

September 18, 2009
Avram Fefer Trio, Cornelia Connelly Center
Michael Bisio, Avram Fefer, Reggie Nicholson
Jorrit Dijkstra Solo, Cornelia Connelly Center
Jorrit Dijkstra
Julio Resende Group, Cornelia Connelly Center
Dave Ambrosio, Julio Resende, Joel Silva

September 17, 2009
Daniel Levin Quartet, Cornelia Connelly Center
Peter Bitenc, Daniel Levin, Matt Moran, Nate Wooley
John O’Gallagher Trio, Cornelia Connelly Center
Masa Kamaguchi, John O’Gallagher, Jeff Williams

September 16, 2009
Harris Eisenstadt Canada Day, Cornelia Connelly Center
Pedro Costa, Chris Dingman, Harris Eisenstadt, Ellery Eskelin, Eivind Opsvik, Nate Wooley
Lopes-Levin-Radding, Cornelia Connelly Center
Daniel Levin, Luis Lopes, Reuben Radding

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Telluric Currents at Brooklyn’s IBeam

From the IBeam:

Continuing the new concert series curated by Brooklyn-based composer/clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman, the second installment of the Telluric Currents series will take place September 25th and 26th at Brooklyn’s I-Beam. Future installments will occur once every three months for three nights, three sets per night.

Celebrating the diversity and creativity of New York’s underground musicians, each night of the series will present different groups of musicians who masterfully blur the lines between composition and improvisation, acoustic and electronic music, subtlety and extremity. The current experimental music scene in New York is as vibrant as ever and the Telluric Currents Concert Series seeks to pay tribute to the richness of the current musical landscape.

Friday, September 25th

8p Jessica Pavone Solo
9p Anthony Coleman/Jeremiah Cymerman/Christopher Hoffman
10p Matthew Welch’s “Looking at Mondrian” performed by Shawn Onsgard

Saturday September 26th

8p Mario Diaz de Leon/Doron Sadja Duo
9p Ches Smith Solo
10p Jon Irabagon/Mike Pride Duo

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antiMUSIC News discusses Trevor Dunn‘s new group, featuring Trevor on bass of course, Sunny Kim on vocals, Hilmar Jensson on guitar, keyboard player Erik Deutch and drummer Ches Smith. Tom Wilkes, the designer of Captain Beefheart‘s Safe As Milk cover has died. Some experiments with fractal music can be found here.

Finally, if you’re in Chicago and want to help out with the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, call 773-834-3534 or email to volunteer.

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Saints album cover
Image via Wikipedia

DOWNTOWNMUSIC.NET || photo gallery
May 16, 2009
Ceramic Dog with Eszter Balint, Le Poisson Rouge
Eszter Balint, Shahzad Ismaily, Marc Ribot, Ches Smith
Young Philadelphians, Le Poisson Rouge
Anthony Coleman, Mary Halvorson, Marc Ribot, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Calvin Weston

May 14, 2009
Fernandez-Guy-Lopez, Jazz Standard
Agusti Fernandez, Barry Guy, Ramon Lopez
Marc Ribot & Marco Cappelli play Franz Casseus, The Stone
Marco Cappelli, Marc Ribot
Sun Ship, The Stone
Jason Ajemian, Mary Halvorson, Marc Ribot, Chad Taylor

May 13, 2009
Anthony Coleman plays Marc Ribot, The Stone
Anthony Coleman
Eyal Maoz Trio plays Marc Ribot, The Stone
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Shahar Haziza, Eyal Maoz
Grey Gersten & Billy Martin play Marc Ribot, The Stone
Grey Gersten, Billy Martin
Marco Cappelli plays Marc Ribot, The Stone
Marco Cappelli
Rashanim plays Marc Ribot, The Stone
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Mathias Kunzli, Jon Madof, Rich Stein
Roger Kleier‘s El Pocho Loco Project play Marc Ribot, The Stone
Trevor Dunn, Annie Gosfield, Roger Kleier, Ches Smith

May 12, 2009
Rootless Cosmopolitans & Shrek, The Stone
Christine Bard, Sim Cain, Shahzad Ismaily, Mat Maneri, Roy Nathanson, Jim Pugliese, Marc Ribot, Sebastian Steinberg
Solo, The Stone
Marc Ribot

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Free Jazz Blog Reviews

From Free Jazz:

Sunday, April 12, 2009
François Carrier & Michel Lambert – Nada (Creative Sources, 2009) ****½

Friday, April 10, 2009
Michael Bates – Live In New York (Greenleaf, 2009) ****

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Marcin & Bart?omiej Brat Ole? – Duo (Fenommedia, 2008) *****

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March 06, 2009
The International Nothing, Experimental Intermedia
Kai Fagaschinski, Michael Thieke

March 05, 2009
Gyan Riley Trio, The Stone
Timb Harris, Gyan Riley, Ches Smith
Solo, The Stone
Paolo Angeli

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