Dusted Reviews

Keith Rowe performing solo at the AMPLIFY 2008...
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From Dusted:

Artist: Peter Wright
Album: An Angel Fell Where the Kestrels Hover
Label: Spekk
Review date: Jan. 11, 2010

Artist: Keith Rowe / Sachiko M
Album: Contact
Label: Erstwhile
Review date: Jan. 8, 2010

Artist: Burkhard Stangl / Kai Fagaschinski
Album: Musik — Ein Porträt In Sehnsucht
Label: Erstwhile
Review date: Jan. 7, 2010

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January 27, 2010

Co-presented with the Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music

Global music forms meet the digital surge of the 21st century as the KarmetiK Machine Orchestra, directed by Ajay Kapur, convenes an international lineup of musicmakers, engineers and digital artists who use custom-built robotic instruments and new and expressive interfaces in live music performance. The KarmetiK Machine Orchestra features appearances by North Indian sarodist Ustad Aashish Khan, electronic artist Curtis Bahn, Balinese gamelan master I Nyoman Wenten, vocal synthesizer Perry Cook, and innovators from the CalArts Music Technology Program. With a theatrical set designed by Michael Darling.

Funded in part through a Durfee Foundation Artists’ Resource for Completion Grant and Subito, the quick advancement grant program of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Composers Forum.

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Fresh Sound Music Upcoming Concerts

Fresh Sound Music puts on some interesting shows in San Diego:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 – 8 pm
Margaret Noble, sound design (San Diego)
Susan Narucki, voice and electronics (San Diego)

FRESH SOUND EXTRA – Ear, Nose and Throat
Monday, January 25th, 2010 – 8 pm

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 – 8 pm
Mathematics of Resonant Bodies by John Luther Adams.

PERCUSSION SERIES – Scott Amendola and Wil Blades
Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 – 8 pm

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Sonomu Reviews

From Sonomu:

Christopher DeLaurenti, Favorite Intermissions (GD Stereo)
“I adore listening”. That heart-felt declaration comes from guerilla field-recordist Christopher DeLaurenti, whose Favorite Intermissions is actually the result of an illegal act, at least in the eyes of the American Musician´s Union (the same union that back in the eighties attempted to ban the… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:42, 09 Jul 2009

Now Ensemble, Now Ensemble (New Amsterdam)
The Now Ensemble is a septet showcasing compositions by its own members on this, its debut album. Plus one piece by Nico Muhly, the current darling of an inspiring form of urban pastoralism within “loft and gallery pop/art” music. Its members include Judd Greenstein (who also mans the record label)… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 13:26, 07 Jul 2009

Mantis, Dubious (Tiltloose)
Mantis are a Japanese duo consisting of Moss and La-Pachu who have spent several years honing their craft unveiling themselves to the world on this cleverly-titled debut (which has already been championed by Rob Smith of Smith & Mighty). The cover art by one Drawize is a kick too, a mind-boggling… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 04:55, 05 Jul 2009

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The Squid’s Ear Reviews

From The Squid’s Ear:

Max Eastley & Rhodri Davies – Dark Architecture
Ima Ensemble – Tumma
Speak Easy (Wassermann / Minton / Lehn / Blume) – Backchats
Sylvain Chauveau – Touching Down Lightly
Evan Parker / John Wiese – C-Section
Per Anders Nilsson / Sten Sandell / Raymond Strid – Beam Stone
Ami Yoshida / Toshimaru Nakamura – Soba to Bara
Mahogany Frog – DO5
The Jack and Jim Show – We Don’t Have That in the Home
Eugene Chadbourne – Museo Della Musica
Bill Laswell – Invisible Design II
Faust – C’est Com… Com… Complique
Copland, Marc’s New York Trio – Night Whispers

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Dusted Reviews

From Dusted:

Artist: Tim Hecker
Album: An Imaginary Country
Label: Kranky

Artist: Brethren of the Free Spirit
Album: The Wolf Also Shall Dwell with the Lamb
Label: Important

Artist: Wadada Leo Smith
Album: Procession of the Great Ancestry
Label: Nessa

Artist: Keith Rowe / Keith Rowe & Taku Unami
Album: Keith Rowe and Taku Unami / Keith Rowe
Label: Erstwhile

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The Squid’s Ear Reviews

Alexander von Schlippenbach, German jazz pianist
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From the Squid’s Ear:

Alfred 23 Harth / Hans Joachim Irmler / Günter Müller – Taste Tribes
– Darren Bergstein

Alexander von Schlippenbach Alexander von Schlippenbach – Friulian Sketches
– Kurt Gottschalk

Michel F. Côté / Isaiah Ceccarelli Michel F. Côté / Isaiah Ceccarelli – Vulgarités
(Ambiances Magnetiques)
– Dave Madden

Peter Brotzmann / Fred Lonberg-Holm Peter Brotzmann / Fred Lonberg-Holm – The Brain of the Dog in Section
– Kurt Gottschalk

AMM AMM – Trinity
(Matchless Recordings)
– Jeph Jerman

Keith Rowe Keith Rowe – ErstLive 007
– Jeph Jerman

Gerry Hemingway/Thomas Lehn (Tom & Gerry) Gerry Hemingway/Thomas Lehn (Tom & Gerry) – Kinetics
(Auricle Records)
– Jeph Jerman

(Creative Sources)
– Darren Bergstein

Joelle Leandre Joelle Leandre – Live in Israel
(Kadima Collective)
– Kurt Gottschalk

Keith Rowe / Taku Unami Keith Rowe / Taku Unami – ErstLive 006
– Darren Bergstein

John Butcher / Gerry Hemingway John Butcher / Gerry Hemingway – Buffalo Pearl
– Darren Bergstein

Philip Jeck Philip Jeck – Suite: Live in Liverpool
– Max Schaefer

Novi_Sad Novi_Sad – Jailbirds
– Max Schaefer

Gutbucket Gutbucket – A Modest Proposal
– Jeph Jerman

Imai Kazuo Trio Imai Kazuo Trio – Blood
– Jeph Jerman

Zeitkratzer & Carsten Nicolai Zeitkratzer & Carsten Nicolai – Electronics
(Zeitkratzer Records)
– Max Schaefer

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Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Irene Schweizer
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From Free Jazz:

Sunday, February 22, 2009
WHO Trio – Less Is More (Cleanfeed, 2009) *****

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Steven Bernstein, Marcus Rojas, Kresten Osgood – Tattoos and Mushrooms (ILK Music, 2009)

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Trio 3 + Irène Schweizer – Berne Concert (Intakt, 2009) ****

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