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C.O.M.A. – “California Outside Music Associates” – [Edgetone Records]

Central Valley musicians Dax Compise and Brian Clark (grads of Stockton’s UOP) join John Vaughn. These fine players combine traditional elements such as bouncy beats, klezmer, swing, and world music with “free jazz” squawky improvisation at breakneck speed. Edgetone founder Rent Romus joins on 2 tracks playing C-melody saxophone (pitched in the key of C, larger than an alto and smaller than a tenor).

Dixon, Bill Orchestra – “17 Musicians In Search of a Sound:Darfur” – [Aum Fidelity]

Live recording from the 2007 Vision Festival XII. Each of the 17 fine musicians is heard distinctly in Dixon’s composition with improvisation. Sad, dark sounds that bring home the tragedy, horror, gloom and despair of Darfur.

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