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From Musique Machine:

Rafael Toral – Space Elements Vol 1
Though this is deceptively entitled vol one this is the third release connected to Rafael Toral’s space project which finds him once more creating a distinctive sound which is best described as space bound improv jazz electronics. Think a less sterile, looser, quirky and human take on Frank zappa‘s latter day Synclavier compositions and your half way there.

Blackout Beach – Skin of Evil
Blackout Beach is essentially a solo project by Carey Mercer, who some readers will know from his band Frog Eyes, a Vancouver based outfit. Frog Eyes music is borderline spastic, a wide-eyed multi-directional backdrop for Mercer’s wordy, hyper-literate lyrics. The man on his own is similar in some ways to his parent band, but diverges in other instances.

Human Greed – Black Hill: Midnight At The Blighted Star
This is the third album from unsettling Scottish mood making duo Human Greed and it finds them bring to life a disturbing and creepy yet at times beautiful sonic rumination on childhood, the place between demented dreams and semi-wakefulness and a very English take on dread.

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