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From Ad Hoc Records:

Bill Gilonis – Chantale Laplante: Zürich / Bamberg
Bill Gilonis – Chantale Laplante
Bill Gilonis and Chantale Laplante worked on Zürich-Bamberg intermittently for three years. The CD comprises a series of pieces that fall loosely into a category that could be called “electro-acoustic Hörspiel.” However, with Bill in Zurich and Chantale based firstly in Bamberg, Germany and later in Montreal, Canada, it was difficult to find a way of collaborating by conventional means. But, by ping-ponging audio file CDs between these cities they managed to develop a practical, and in some ways advantageous, composition and recording strategy. For this project conventional instrumentation has been virtually abandoned. What we hear on these recordings – collaged and sometimes manipulated via processing technology – is street noise, household clatter, fragments of radio, close-miked objects, etc. By and large the pieces are constructed from precisely the sounds that our ears are constantly and automatically filtering out; but by orchestrating these sounds into pieces to be listened to – as opposed to heard – listeners are introduced to a radically personal world.

The Hat Shoes: “Differently Desperate”
Bill Gilonis – Catherine Jauniaux – Charles HaywardTom Cora
Ad Hoc Records’ new, four-panel digipack reissue of THE HAT SHOES’ debut album will be especially welcomed by lovers of intelligent and thoughtful Progressive music, with a hint of Romanticism. Originally released in 1991, “DIFFERENTLY DESPERATE” is a studio offering of diverse avant-pop songs by a “Super-group”, comprised of members BILL GILONIS (The Work), CATHERINE JAUNIAUX (Fluvial), CHARLES HAYWARD (This Heat, Camberwell Now) and TOM CORA (Skeleton Crew, Curlew). There’s also a slew of well-known guest performers: David Thomas, Amos, Chris Cochrane, Tim Hodgkinson, Hahn Rowne and Rick Brown, among others.

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