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Various Artists, Before We Melt (IVDT)
With the funny photo on the cover and the title chosen for this collection, it´s hard to know whether the idea around which this release revolves is to create flurries of “Arctic ambient”, to remind us about that Inconvenient Truth we´ve heard so much about, or to just have a nice winter lark. … [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 09:51, 13 Sep 2009

3 Seconds of Air, The Flight of Song (Tonefloat)
Belgian soundscaper Dirk Serries laid his serene Vidna Obmana project down several years ago in order to concentrate on darker and more obtrusive things as Fear Falls Burning. With 3 Seconds of Air, he would seem to be – consciously or not – retro-fitting a bridge between these two modes of thought… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:14, 13 Sep 2009

Celer, Discourses of the Withered (Infraction)
As Celer hove up onto the horizon as a seriously talented new source of fascinating ambient composition, the duo released two albums simultaneously on Infraction, one of the genre´s finest boutique labels. The late Danielle Baquet-Long played the strings and made the field recordings (mostly in… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 06:40, 12 Sep 2009

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Pousseur on film

From Classical-Drone, a review of a new Henri Pousseur DVD.

A few years ago, Belgian composer Henri Pousseur donated all of his papers to the Paul Sacher Foundation in Switzerland. For his fourth trip to deliver his archives, he was accompanied by filmmakers Guy-Marc Hinant and Dominique Lohlé. The resulting documentary, Hommage au Sauvage, was released on DVD by Sub Rosa‘s video branch, OME. Most of the film is Pousseur seated in the back seat with the camera fixed in the same position, talking about various topics from the history and theory of the avant-garde to his views on aesthetics and the open work. Most of the chat relates to his music, although he also recounts a few personal moments of special significance. There are some sequences filmed at the Sacher Foundation, going over some of his papers with the archivists. What comes across most vividly in this 52-minute film is Pousseur’s engaging personality and his incisive attitude.

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City Sonics Festival in Belgium

Starting June 26 and alasting a month, the City Sonics festival takes place in the Belgian city of Mons and features a ton of sound installments and performances.

For its seventh edition, City Sonics invades the city center of Mons with over thirty installations and environments. Once more, the festival questions sound and matter and listens to its stories about us and others, about here and there, about the sounds of the world and their sweet opposites.

On twelve locations, “indisciplinary” artists offer creations and dialogues with visitors of all ages and categories. This temporary enchantment of the city is poetic resistance against the dark planetary times that are upon us and the chaosounds that aggress us daily. Sound is a fantastic medium that addresses our body and senses: there is no need to be a music lover or contemporary art expert to enjoy these works of sound.

Eric Van Osselaer, Isa Belle, Alexander Mac Sween, Colin Ponthot, Sébastien Roux, Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, Giya Kancheli, Paradise Now, Christian Vialard, Yann Rocher, Françis Flament, Alexandre Castant, Jodi Rose, Jean-Paul Dessy, Lavender Hill, Stéphane Kozik, Perrine Joveniaux, Arthur Zerktouni, Pierre Bastien, Dinahbird, Jocelyn Robert, Cédric Sabato, Mathieu Schmidt, Erick D’orion, Yoko Fukushima, Rodolphe Alexis, Alice Pilastre, Ryutaro Mimura, Jérome Grivel, Armando Menicacci, Christian Delécluse, Simon Dumas, Nicolas Clauss, Manuel Chantre, Simon Laroche, Sub-tle, Gauthier Keyaerts aka, Mister Calagan, Annick Rivoire
Jean-Philippe Renoult, Déborah Fabré, Julie Normal, Ka Tia, Dominica Eyckmans, Radio Grenouille, Philippe Dehaspe, CarlY, Mathier Recarte

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