Multi-Instrumentalist and Multi-Culturalist Jamie Saft Speaks with Under Your Skin

John Zorn <--> Jamie Saft
Image by eCuxart via Flickr

A video interview with Jamie Saft is available.

Enlisted by John Zorn, Bobby Previte, Merzbow, Dave Douglas, Bad Brains, the Beastie Boys, and dozens of other influential and notable artists, Jamie Saft is a massive talent. His work on assorted guitars and keyboards transcends countless genres, and his next solo release — Black Shabbis on Zorn’s Tzadik label — combines traditional Jewish music with metal.

Yesterday, an interview with Saft was posted online by Under Your Skin, a work-in-progress book/DVD that includes interviews of musicians across countless styles. Check out the video to hear Saft talk about his latest projects, his work with Bad Brains and the Beastie Boys, his record label, and his recent acoustic trio recordings with Zorn.

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