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The Eleven Project

MV5BZThlYzM4MWItMGYwNi00YTAzLWE1NjItNDMxZWIxZDhjYWMwXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjUyNDk2ODc@._V1_SY1000_CR0010371000_AL_Avant Garde / Experimental Guitarist Scott Fields is inviting guitarists to participate in The Eleven Project.  A project dedicated to Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnel.  Scott is asking guitarists to contribute an 11 second recording of solo guitar with the amp turned up to 11. The compilation will be released in November on 11/11. For more details including how to submit your recording visit – The Eleven Project.



Surface Noise at the Uptown and the Ivy Room

From East Bay Express, an article about an avant music series:

“I was surprised that they had an experimental night here — an actual place with a bar,” said Oakland’s Reid May, whose curiosity got the best of him. None of the other avant-garde concerts he’s attended, though they account for about a fifth of his overall live music intake, have been at a place this nice, this … official: one with a bouncer, a liquor license, and a quality sound system. Normally it’d be a converted art gallery, a nonprofit arts center, some dude’s house — or, at the other end of the spectrum, an academic setting like Mills.

This is precisely the purpose of the Uptown’s monthly Avant-Garde Tuesdays series: to draw experimental, avant-garde, and improvisational music from the sidelines and into a safe, welcoming, fully permitted space. The music may be daunting, but the setting certainly isn’t, affording both performers and fans the opportunity to try something new.

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Experimenting with Kayo Dot

Kayo Dot in Santa Cruz
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Toby Driver from Kayo Dot is interviewed.

No doubt, you may have a bit of difficulty determining whether Kayo Dot’s latest album The Blue Lambency Downward is the soundtrack to a bizarre avant-garde masterpiece, or just a flurry of chaotic, sonic incomprehensibility. Did this Boston-born experimental project compose it for the end of the world, or for the beginning? Beneath this maniac morass of textures, can one find any theme, any possible sense to be made?

Let’s put it this way: it’s pretty complicated.

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