AUM Fidelity to Release David S. Ware Album

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From Improvised Communications:

AUM Fidelity is proud to announce the January 27th release of Shakti (AUM052), eminent saxophonist/composer David S. Ware’s fifth album for the label and his first studio recording since 2003. This release marks the recorded debut of Ware’s new working ensemble, his first since the disbanding of the long-lived and prolific David S. Ware Quartet (1989-2006). Shakti presents a distinctive selection of Ware compositions written specifically for this ensemble, as well as a new interpolation of “Antidromic” from 1997’s Wisdom of Uncertainty (AUM001). The group, which has solidified both its sound and its line-up through various performances over the past year and a half, features guitarist Joe Morris, bassist William Parker and drummer Warren Smith.

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AAJ Reviews

Steve Swallow
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From AAJ:

Esbjorn Svensson Trio
Esbjorn Svensson Trio: Leucocyte (ACT Music)
Reviewed by Ian Patterson

19-Oct-08 Fripp & Eno
Fripp & Eno: No Pussyfooting / Evening Star
Reviewed by John Kelman

19-Oct-08 Totem>
Solar Forge (ESP Disk)
Reviewed by John Sharpe

19-Oct-08 Eri Yamamoto
Redwoods (AUM Fidelity Records)
Reviewed by Lyn Horton

18-Oct-08 Carla Marciano
Change Of Mood (Black Saint)
Reviewed by Mark F. Turner

18-Oct-08 Steve Swallow
Steve Swallow: Swallow Songs & Dedicated to Steve
Reviewed by Fred Bouchard

18-Oct-08 King Crimson
KCCC #38: Live in Philadelphia, PA August 26, 1996 (DGM Live)
Reviewed by John Kelman

18-Oct-08 Gato Libre
Kuro (Libra Records)
Reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

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AAJ Reviews

on stage (2004, Ned Rothenberg Double Band)
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From AAJ:

Richard Pinhas / Merzbow
Keio Line (Cuneiform Records)
Reviewed by John Kelman

13-Oct-08 Charlie Hunter
Baboon Strength (Spire Artists)
Reviewed by Doug Collette

13-Oct-08 Eri Yamamoto
Redwoods (AUM Fidelity Records)
Reviewed by Marc Medwin

12-Oct-08 Deus ex Machina
Imparis (Cuneiform Records)
Reviewed by John Kelman

12-Oct-08 Denman Maroney/Ned Rothenberg/ Reuben Radding/Michael Sarin
Gaga (Nuscope Recordings)
Reviewed by Marc Medwin

12-Oct-08 Michael Bates
Clockwise (Greenleaf Music)
Reviewed by Wilbur MacKenzie

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AAJ Reviews

Olver Lake
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From AAJ:

Sun Ra
Secrets of the Sun (Atavistic)
Reviewed by Troy Collins

10-Oct-08 Conference Call
Poetry In Motion (Clean Feed Records)
Reviewed by Budd Kopman

09-Oct-08 William Parker Quartet
Petit Oiseau (AUM Fidelity Records)
Reviewed by Nic Jones

09-Oct-08 Andrew Hill
Change (Blue Note Records)
Reviewed by Jeff Stockton

09-Oct-08 Oliver Lake Organ Trio
Makin’ It (Passin’ Thru Records)
Reviewed by Martin Longley

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Eri Yamamoto Finds the Keys to the City

From the New York Sun:

The pianist, who is in her early 30s, was sitting in her Hell’s Kitchen apartment on a recent Saturday morning. She was still excited about the evening before, when a full house of European tourists had sat in rapt attention during the performance. And she had other reasons to feel cheerful. The week before was spent in Milan, where Ms. Yamamoto appeared as part of a soulful sextet led by the indefatigable bassist William Parker. And there was her new album, “Redwoods,” a sparkling trio session that complements a release from earlier this summer, “Duologue.” Both were released on the Brooklyn-based label AUM Fidelity.

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