Other Minds Festival 23

0f290695-a2d4-42be-abc1-2d7c86dfe445Sound Poetry: The Wages of Syntax
Other Minds presents it’s 23rd Festival of new music. Sound poets from around the globe gather in San Francisco for the 23rd edition of the Other Minds Festival. This year, we’ll have an all-star cast of composers and writers whose purview is that hippodrome of hilarity where literature and speech intersect music and performance.

The event takes place April 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, 2018, at the ODC Theater, 3153 17th Street at Shotwell, in San Francisco.

Featured artists include an all-star cast, including Anne Waldman, Clark Coolidge & Alvin Curran, Michael McClure, Aram Saroyan, Enzo Minarelli, Jaap Blonk, Pamela Z, Amy X Neuburg, Charles Amirkhanian & Carol Law, Beth Anderson, and more. We’ll also bring you historical glimpses into the past of sound poetry by Marinetti, Depero, Hugo Ball, Stein, Toch, Heidsieck, Kurt Schwitters and many more.

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The State of Modern Classical Labels

NewMusicBox features an article (and this is part 2 of a 3 parter) about the economics and focus of indie classical labels in a post-CD world.

Given that thousands of new CD titles are produced every year across the span of musical genres, it’s not hard to surmise that most discs don’t earn back enough funds to recoup the costs of recording and manufacturing. In other words, it can’t be just classical and contemporary music projects that have modest sales.

It’s a given: money has to come from somewhere before discs get released. It’s just that the need for dough is more on the surface in all realms of the always-struggling little realm of contemporary American music.

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New Release on 577 Records

577 Records

Demian Richardson
Matthew Putman
David Moss
Federico Ughi
Daniel Carter

The Gowanus Recordings

The Gowanus Recordings are the embodiment of the 577 approach. Featuring some of Free Jazz’s most established musicians, it covers a wide range of musical ideas, creating a dynamic atmosphere of kinetic interplay. Song titles are scientific terminology which are described in the liner notes, and also felt in the playing and listening of the music. The Gowanus Recordings are meant to extend the reach of Free Jazz by incorporating classical and scientific ideas, while enlightening the listener.

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Sonomu Reviews

From Sonomu:

Samara Lubelski, Parallel Suns (The Social Registry)
Music with flowers in its hair. A new name to me, but according to her thick resumé Samara Lubelski has worked with (either as musician or engineer) Jackie-O Motherfucker, Thurston Moore, MV & EE, Hall of Fame, and fellow-German experimental collective Metabolismus. For this album, she laid… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:48, 18 May 2009

Anonymeye, Anonymeye Motel (Half/Theory)
Like an old vinyl album of country picking mysteriously infested with viruses from Oval´s skipping CDs and someone else´s radio frequencies. Half theory and half execution is key to appreciating what it is offering as it celebrates the resistence of roadside culture and mom-and-pop capitalism to… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:39, 18 May 2009

Tibetan Red, Ritual Breathing (Antahkarana Records)
An artistically and spiritually challenging record, of the air and instruments which depend on it for their voice, like the shakuhachi and didgeridoo. The opening, title track rumbles with the sound of God´s heavy breathing as he sleeps – always the Creator, he only exhales, long, drawn-out, and… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:30, 18 May 2009

Lena, The Uncertain Trail (Soundsaround)
Third album by Mathias Delplanque as Lena. He is otherwise most celebrated for his still-standing avant ambient recordings under his christian name. Compilation of unreleased tracks produced between 2004 and 2006. Trail referred to is the collection he has made of his transglobal travels, from… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:49, 15 May 2009

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Dean Moore & Tom Baker CD Release Show in Seattle

From Wayward Music:

8:00 PM; $5 – $15 sliding scale donation at the door.

Guitarist Tom Baker and percussionist Dean Moore celebrate the release of their debut duo CD Seven Winds, an ambient work for electric guitar and gongs/resonant metals. CDs available for $10.

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Firehouse 12 Records To Release New CDs From Carl Maguire And John Hébert

From Improvised Communications:

On June 16th, Firehouse 12 Records will release music from its two newest artists, keyboardist/composer Carl Maguire’s longstanding band Floriculture and bassist/composer John Hébert. Sided Silver Solid (FH12-04-01-009) is Floriculture’s second recording and its first as a quintet featuring new members, violist Stephanie Griffin and multi-instrumentalist Oscar Noriega. Hébert makes his recorded debut as a bandleader on Byzantine Monkey (FH12-04-01-010) after nearly a decade as one of New York’s most in-demand sidemen.

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