Surface Noise at the Uptown and the Ivy Room

From East Bay Express, an article about an avant music series:

“I was surprised that they had an experimental night here — an actual place with a bar,” said Oakland’s Reid May, whose curiosity got the best of him. None of the other avant-garde concerts he’s attended, though they account for about a fifth of his overall live music intake, have been at a place this nice, this … official: one with a bouncer, a liquor license, and a quality sound system. Normally it’d be a converted art gallery, a nonprofit arts center, some dude’s house — or, at the other end of the spectrum, an academic setting like Mills.

This is precisely the purpose of the Uptown’s monthly Avant-Garde Tuesdays series: to draw experimental, avant-garde, and improvisational music from the sidelines and into a safe, welcoming, fully permitted space. The music may be daunting, but the setting certainly isn’t, affording both performers and fans the opportunity to try something new.

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