Rova’s Rovaté 2009

From Rova:

Rovaté 2009: Fissures, Futures (for Buckminster Fuller)

May 22 23, 2009, 8PM
Kanbar Hall, JCCSF
3200 California Street
Tickets: 415.292.1233 or
$24 public | $21 JCCSF members | $16 students

Buckminster Fuller drawing drawing by Buckminster Fuller

Rova Saxophone Quartet returns to Kanbar Hall for another no-sounds-barred evening of improvisatory collaboration. Acclaimed Berlin-based multimedia artist/wunderkind Lillevan, joins international music giants from the field of improvised music to perform Fissures, Futures, a set of pieces dedicated to the visionary genius that was Buckminster Fuller. Live music and digital animation will lock themselves into a continuous feedback loop – with the music influencing the real-time films’ creation and the film images inspiring the music. Not to be missed. Both shows will be recorded live for future DVD release.

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NoiseFold: Experimental Music in Albuquerque

At least I think this show is in Albuquerque. Don’t hold me to it.

From the Spectre Series:

NoiseFold is a leading interactive sound-art and live cinema group founded by David Stout and Cory Metcalf. NoiseFold perform live animation works to breed virtual forms that both create and respond to sound. These abstract visual structures can take many forms including bio-mimetic cellular life & organic architectures. The performers animate, coax, bend and herd these audio-visual “organisms” by use of cameras, microphones, electro-magnetic and infrared sensors. The result is a visual music theater where “lifelike” avatars emerge, evolve and emit a startling array of sounds; from pure noise and chaotic rhythms to shimmering melodic textures. More info soon!

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