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Ferran Fages – al voltant d’un paral‘lel (Etude)
Cremaster sure seems ages ago. It could be said that his duo projects with Alfredo Costa Monteiro comprised the formative years for Ferran Fages, yet Cremaster’s music (2001 — 2003, roughly) remains so… tip-of-the-spear. While Fages and Monteiro were utilizing in their music electronic equipment and instrumentation that was on its way […]

Peter Kowald – Open Secrets (FMP)
In a field as vast and varied as improvised music, it is essential to periodically reacquaint the ears with recordings, particularly if a purveyor has passed on. This solo recital from Peter Kowald is a reminder that the bassist’s character was as rugged and singular as his approach to his instrument. A world traveler…

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