Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa – Man from Deep river
Man from Deep river is the fourth collaborative album between BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa and it sees the pair making their most consistent, compelling and complete record yet.The album sees the pair stepping away from the trilogy of drink related albums Vikinga Brennivín, Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna & passing-out to look for new inspiration.

Gilles Aubry – Berlin Backyards
Berlin Backyards finds Swiss sound artists Gilles Aubry building pressing/swirling drones and sound texture sheens from subtle manipulated field recordings sourced from various Berlin backyards over the winter of 2006.

KK Null – Oxygen Flash
Oxygen Flash is another cinematic and sci-fi tinged slice of sonic exploration from KK Null taking in his usual mixture of electroinca, noise matter & field recordings. This time appearing on of all places on Neurosis’s Neurot Recordings.

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Greenleaf Music Streaming Albums for Free

Today Greenleaf Music announced that they are streaming at least some of their albums for free.

For those who are reading that are not a member of our email list, we announced yesterday that we are now offering streaming of our entire front-line catalogue at our store. We feel like it’s a big step in recognizing that recorded music is readily accessible in our post-Napster world. And instead of hearing our artists’ tracks elsewhere, we hope you’ll enjoy the music in the friendly confines of our digital space and continue to support what we do. So click over to the store and check out the records that you haven’t heard yet — like Michael Bates’ new Paperback release, Live in New York.

This is a record label’s honest realization that their business can benefit from people actually listening to the music they put out. I’ll probably write more about this at a later point, but right now I’m considering this major news.

BTW, the live Michael Bates is excellent – and I probably would not have been able to say so if they hadn’t made it easily available.

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Sturmpercht – A wilde Zeit
A wilde Zeit is not the new album from Sturmpercht the masters and inventors of alpine- folk form; but it’s a fairly wonderful and consistent collection of odd’s and ends by the band which comes in near the 80 minute mark & offers up 18 varied tracks.

Il Cielo di Baghdad – Export For Malinconique
When glockenspiel is listed among the instruments it’s not very likely that things will become rough. Italian indie group Il Cielo di Baghdad indeed aim for more dreamy sounds, full of melancholy.

Fecalove – Filth
Filth stands as one of the most effective, perverse and grimly atmospheric yet approachable to none noise-ears work by Italian noise sleazy master Fecalove; so far in his short but prolific career. It finds him mixing in moments of clear vocals, bent yet memorable industerlized electronic beats scapes and a seedy atmospheric edge to his mix of noise and power electronics.

Anthony Patera & Robin Fox – End of Daze
End of Daze is a wonderfully brain frying electro attack which takes in electro-acoustic elements, manic multi-layered electroinca that’s both highly precise and jarring with the odd risers to more noisier overloaded territory here and there too.

Striborg – In The Heart Of The Rainforest / Misanthropic Isol

This is the next chapter in Displeased records reissue series of old albums by Striborg -the prolific and often avant-garde touched one man Black Metal project from Tasmania. This one brings together In the heart of the rainforest which originates from 2000 & Misanthropic isolation from 1998; both which were original released in very ltd CDR form at the time.

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New Releases from Ad Hoc Records

Tim Hodgkinson
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From Ad Hoc Records:

Bill Gilonis – Chantale Laplante: Zürich / Bamberg
Bill Gilonis – Chantale Laplante
Bill Gilonis and Chantale Laplante worked on Zürich-Bamberg intermittently for three years. The CD comprises a series of pieces that fall loosely into a category that could be called “electro-acoustic Hörspiel.” However, with Bill in Zurich and Chantale based firstly in Bamberg, Germany and later in Montreal, Canada, it was difficult to find a way of collaborating by conventional means. But, by ping-ponging audio file CDs between these cities they managed to develop a practical, and in some ways advantageous, composition and recording strategy. For this project conventional instrumentation has been virtually abandoned. What we hear on these recordings – collaged and sometimes manipulated via processing technology – is street noise, household clatter, fragments of radio, close-miked objects, etc. By and large the pieces are constructed from precisely the sounds that our ears are constantly and automatically filtering out; but by orchestrating these sounds into pieces to be listened to – as opposed to heard – listeners are introduced to a radically personal world.

The Hat Shoes: “Differently Desperate”
Bill Gilonis – Catherine Jauniaux – Charles HaywardTom Cora
Ad Hoc Records’ new, four-panel digipack reissue of THE HAT SHOES’ debut album will be especially welcomed by lovers of intelligent and thoughtful Progressive music, with a hint of Romanticism. Originally released in 1991, “DIFFERENTLY DESPERATE” is a studio offering of diverse avant-pop songs by a “Super-group”, comprised of members BILL GILONIS (The Work), CATHERINE JAUNIAUX (Fluvial), CHARLES HAYWARD (This Heat, Camberwell Now) and TOM CORA (Skeleton Crew, Curlew). There’s also a slew of well-known guest performers: David Thomas, Amos, Chris Cochrane, Tim Hodgkinson, Hahn Rowne and Rick Brown, among others.

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