Rituals in Musicality – Wadada Leo Smith at Firehouse 12

From the New Haven Advocate, previews tomorrow’s Firehouse 12 show.

To describe Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith as a musician with a holistic vision is an understatement. From his earliest days performing blues and R&B in Mississippi to his late-’60s stint as a member of the Chicago organization the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, to his mid-’70s tenure within the nucleus of an improvised music scene in New Haven and in his current position as director of the MFA program in African American Improvisation at Cal Arts, Smith has actively pursued a theory and practice of music that embraces nearly every conceivable element of human life.

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Mills College Music Series Starts Today

saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell at the Pomigliano ...
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If you’re in the Oakland area, stop by Mills:

Mills College will kick off opening night of its music series Saturday by honoring African-American performers and celebrating Black History Month.

The Mills Music Festival will feature pieces by Roscoe Mitchell, a leader in avant-garde jazz and contemporary music. They will be performed by Pauline Oliveros with Tony Martin; Terry Riley; Joseph Kubera and Joan Jeanrenaud.

The event, which runs through April, will be held inside the newly renovated Mills College Concert Hall. The music series will showcase cutting-edge contemporary musical performances that cross genres.

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