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08-Mar-06 Chris Potter
Underground (Sunnyside Records)
08-Mar-06 Richard Leo Johnson
The Legend of Vernon McAlister (Cuneiform Records)
08-Mar-06 Fred Frith / Stevie Wishart / Carla Kihlstedt
The Compass, Log, and Lead (Intakt Records)
08-Mar-06 Ben Goldberg Quintet
The Door, The Hat, The Chair, The Fact (Cryptogramophone)
07-Mar-06 William Parker
Long Hidden: The Olmec Series (AUM Fidelity Records)
06-Mar-06 Charles Gayle
Time Zones (Tompkins Square)


One Final Note Reviews

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6 March 2006

Roswell Rudd
Blue Mongol Monk’s Bones (Sunnyside CMB)
by David Dupont

What’s most striking about Roswell Rudd’s reemergence in the past dozen years is how his output has at once been adventurous and absolutely true to his core musical experience.

Evan Parker/Foxes Fox
Naan Tso (Psi)
by John Eyles

Parker, Louis Moholo, Steve Beresford, and John Edwards are as wily an improvising foursome as one could hope to encounter.

The Compass, Log, and Lead (Intakt)
by Daniel Spicer

It’s hard not to view this new album of delicate, intimate improvisations as something approaching an act of humility.

Zé Eduardo/Jack Walrath Quartet
Bad Guys (Clean Feed)
by Troy Collins

With its unflinching structural challenges and rich improvisational gifts, this is definitely one of the finest items in both Walrath and Eduardo’s discographies.

Dan Clucas Immediately
Exile (pfMENTUM)
by Jay Collins

A collection of pieces that weaves memorable melodic themes among a thicket of contrapuntal interplay.

Miya Masaoka
For Birds, Planes and Cello (Solitary B)
by Jesse Goin

This is a step beyond the mimesis of Messiaen or Dolphy, to cite two composers who sought to integrate bird song into new music.