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Yet another great set of releases from Tzadik:

Archival Series
Naked City: The Complete Studio Recordings
Probably Zorn’s most popular and most controversial musical project, the music of Naked City has been debated, analyzed, adored and reviled by fans, critics and academics alike, but nothing can replace the experience of hearing it in all its frightening glory. Most people know this music from the single domestic release on Nonesuch, but the major portion of their studio recordings were issued from 1989–1993 on the hard to find Japanese labels Avant and Toy’s Factory. This long awaited set pulls together all of their recorded output, all seven CDs in beautiful new packaging, with a special 100 page scrapbook of Naked City ephemera, including photos, posters, designs, scores, musical sketches, written tributes by members of the Naked City family and pages from Zorn’s original notebooks showing the development of the music that drove so many people out of their minds. Zorn’s music at its most brutal and uncompromising best.

Birthday Celebration
John Zorn/Yamataka Eye: 50th Birthday Celebration Volume Ten
One of the most talked about and well attended shows of Zorn’s 50th Birthday month was his much anticipated duo concert with Boredoms mastermind, Yamataka Eye. Close friends and musical associates since 1985, their love, respect and telepathic interplay was augmented on this occasion by electronic technician Sawai Taeji, who responded to Eye’s sensor movements via powerbook. Jewish Alchemy meets Japanese Shamanism in this ritual performance of music and magic from two of the world’s most unusual and unclassifiable adepts. Included as bonus is a Quicktime video of the performance accessible on your computer.

Composer Series
Wadada Leo Smith: Lake Biwa
Four ambitious new orchestral pieces written expressly for this release by one of the legendary masters of creative music. Featuring an incredible all-star band that includes Marc Ribot, Craig Taborn, Susie Ibarra, John Zorn, Jennifer Choi, Anthony Coleman, John Lindberg and many others, Lake Biwa presents some of Leo’s most complex and stunningly original compositions. Lyrical and powerful orchestral colors, wild solos and, of course, plenty of searing trumpet work by one of the greatest players in the world. Still very much at the top of his form, this is one of Leo’s most thrilling recordings.

Charles Wuorinen: On Alligators
Four masterpieces by one of the world’s greatest composers of classical concert music, including three pieces that have never been released before. The fourth quartet is perhaps Wuorinen’s most complex and exciting composition, and it receives a passionate performance by the prestigious Brentano Quartet. Also included is the intense and colorful chamber piece On Alligators, conducted by the composer, and a moody piece for organ performed by one of the world’s greatest organists on one of the world’s greatest organs. Completing this eclectic program of Wuorinen as you’ve never heard him before, is the phenomenal Third Piano Concerto, newly remastered and reworked by the composer himself. Intense and beautiful music by a modern master.

New Japan
John Zorn/Yamataka Eye: Naninani II
Eye and Zorn first met in Tokyo back in 1986. They have travelled together, toured, performed, laughed, cried, recorded and collectively been responsible for some of the strangest music ever conceived. In 1995, nine years after their first meeting, they went into the studio to create one of the first releases in the Tzadik New Japan series: Nani Nani. In 2003 they returned to the studio to create NANINANI II, a wild and crazy compendium of fragile screams and tender fire. After almost twenty years the telepathic rapport of these two kindred spirits is stronger than ever.

Radar: Easy Listening
Here is a young trio of musicians from the Kansai area on soprano sax, bass and piano who have created a remarkably original world of sound. Although one can hear occasional influences from Steve Lacy and the Jimmy Giuffre Three, this music is uniquely Japanese in its sense of sound, space and time. Honest, imaginative, beautiful, meditative, bizarre, haunting, hilarious, thoughtful, courageous, nostalgic… familiar yet unfamiliar, this music is really something special.

Radical Jewish Culture
Koby Israelite: Mood Swings
Another exhilarating CD of stop on a dime genre-smashing courtesy of Koby Israelite, who jumps from Death Metal and Jazz to Klezmer, Balkan and Gypsy music like a chameleon on acid. This is music of great imagination, filled with humor, virtuosic technique and fabulous detail. Koby has matured since his first CD for Tzadik, and Mood Swings is the work of a master. In the tradition of Naked City and Mr. Bungle, Koby Israelite is forging a new Jewish music with power, wit and an intense passion for life.

Zohara: Scorched Lips
Some of the world’s greatest Jewish poetry is set to a variety of brilliant compositions and arrangements in this dark and passionate new CD by Zahava Seewald, one of the most creative singers in the magical firmament of New Jewish Music. Moving and evocative, this is a very special project that captures the many sides and moods of this extraordinary vocalist in her personal exploration of the Jewish experience.

New on ReR

Recommended has come out with the following new releases:

Art Bears: Hopes and Fears
CMCD: Six Classic Concrete, Electroacoustic and Electronic Works
Cusack, Peter: Baikal Ice
Dockstader, Tod & Myers, David Lee: Pond
Mnemonists: Gyromancy
ZNR: Barricades 3