New and Coming from 577 Records 

Source: 577 Records.

Trio Xolo
In Flower, In Song
In Flower, In Song is the debut album from Trio Xolo, an improvising group composed of Mexican-American bassist Zachary Swanson, Baltimore-based saxophonist Derrick Michaels, and Lithuanian percussionist Dalius Naujo. With a telepathic ear toward musical interplay, Trio Xolo performs free-flowing stream of consciousness improvisations. The result is true, in the moment composition. The trio moves together dynamically as their voices simultaneously overlap and converge into one. In Flower, In Song was recorded live in one room and unveils a warm, organic sound: Swanson’s distinctive use of gut strings produce a dark, woody tone, Michaels draws robust color from a vintage saxophone, and Naujo expresses a nuanced control of energy and dynamics. Through explorations of melody, atmosphere, and texture, they can either embrace or dispel the traditional hierarchy of the trio format. At its core, Trio Xolo creates music that seeks to capture the essence of the moment through deep listening.

Daniel Carter, Evan Strauss, 5-Track, Sheridan Riley
The Uproar in Bursts of Sound and Silence
The Uproar in Bursts of Sound and Silence is a sort of emergent collage that came together over four years of composition, improvisation and production. The foundations for this album were initially recorded in 2018 by producer/engineer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Skinyard) at Soundhouse in Seattle, WA with myself (Evan Strauss, electric bass and upright bass), 5-Track (Guitar) and Sheridan Riley (Drums). The initial foundations of this music consisted of my long-form graphically notated conceptual compositions based on the calls of the Veery songbird (Catharus fuscescens), the astrological transits at the precise time of the recording session and some thematic elements from Ursula K. Le Guin’s novel The Dispossessed.

Jessica Ackerley, Patrick Shiroishi, Chris Williams, Luke Stewart, Jason Nazary
SSWAN: Invisibility is an Unnatural Disaster
SSWAN presents their first outing “Invisibility is an unnatural disaster” a raucous jaunt of free jazz on the premiere fire music label 577 Records. The music is rooted in the Black American art form of jazz, stemming into the branches of free improvisation, noise, and experimentalism while pushing to the edges of each idiom. The idiosyncratic playing of guitarist Jessica Ackerley starts off the album’s title track and jumps headfirst into a Hendrix-tinged duo with drummer Jason Nazary. Patrick Shiroishi quickly joins in to take the energy up a notch with soprano sax wailing in both mimicry and opposition to Ackerley’s phrasing. Just as the wall of sound is beginning to crack an abrupt halt shifts the energy and Luke Stewart’s crawls dialogue with the smearing spattering trumpet solo from trumpeter Chris Williams.

Jessica Pavone, Lukas Koenig, Matt Mottel
Spam Likely
The world is breaking apart, but this trio holds it together. Made up of Jessica Pavone (Viola, electronics), Lukas Koenig (Drums) and Matt Mottel (Keytar, 3-string Guitar), all three players are drawn to the improvisational, experimental nature of their self-described, “free-range sonic stew,” a constellation of instruments served up for hungry ears. Their first performance together in 2019 was marked by the tragic, unexpected death of Steve Dalachinsky, a poet and artist well-known in their shared community, who had passed the day before. The night was full of cathartic music—and since then, their sound has been influenced by kindred spirits, merging images, and resonant emotions. Throughout the two wryly-named, extended tracks, Mottel lays thick keyboard and keytar riffs, while Pavone and Koenig contribute interlaced tremolos, and sharp sopranos. The album’s title, Spam Likely, plays on the increasing number of spam calls everyone’s receiving these days, asking the obvious question: what happens if you pick up? Spam Likely will be available in CD and digital editions in September 2022.

The Muffins’ Massive Boxed Set Ready for Preorders

Source: Wayside Music.

The Muffins were a Washington, D.C. area band who existed from 1974-81 and then again with their best-known line-up still intact from 1993-2015. They released three albums during their original lifetime and six albums during their second life. They were called, “…the finest progressive band that America produced…even at it’s most complicated, (they) sounded effortless & convincing” by Fred Frith. They also acted as Fred’s backing band on his first post-Henry Cow solo album, Gravity. During their two lifetimes, the band performed at now legendary festival events, including the ZU Festival (NYC), the Rock In Opposition Festival (France), the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival (Rome), Sonic Circuits (D.C.) and NEARFest (Bethlehem, PA), among many others. The band were a hugely creative force during both lifetimes, combing intense, rehearsal intensive compositions with spirited free play, and moving effortlessly between musical boundaries and genres. They were one of the great American contemporary music ensembles of our time.

Baker’s Dozen is a 13 disc box set of all previously unreleased live and studio recordings from 1975 – 2010! It includes 12 CDs, a DVD, and a huge, informative booklet. The entire box is a treasure trove of never seen and never heard material.

New Magma Release, Kãrtëhl, Coming Soon

Source: MAGMA.

2020/2021. More than 18 months without being able to make a gig. This space of time, this imposed “pause”, was used to prepare a new album, a group album, as we had not realized for a long time. Following the creation of a new line-up in 2020, we once again offered musicians to bring songs, Christian Vander never having made the deliberate choice to be Magma’s sole composer. But in fact, none of the dozens of musicians who participated in this adventure had offered a new song for decades! After “ZËSS”, which hinted at a rather gloomy future, this bright and resolutely optimistic new album is the result of a collective work, an “Operation Kartëhl”.

releases September 30, 2022

Christian Vander : batterie, chant solo, tambourin – drums, lead vocal, tambourin
Stella Vander : chant solo, chant, chime – lead vocal, vocal, chime
Hervé Aknin : chant solo, chant – lead vocal, vocal
Isabelle Feuillebois : chant – vocal
Sylvie Fisichella : chant – vocal
Caroline Indjein : chant – vocal
Laura Guarrato : chant – vocal
Rudy Blas : guitare – guitar
Thierry Eliez : piano, Fender Rhodes, claviers – piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Simon Goubert : piano, Fender Rhodes, claviers – piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Jimmy Top : basse – bass

New Focus Recordings Upcoming Releases

Source: New Focus Recordings.

Stephen Barber/Eric Huebner: Earth
Eclectic composer Stephen Barber releases this collection of character pieces that reflect his unique career straddling the worlds of popular music, film scoring, and contemporary classical composition. Barber’s collaborators over the years include Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Byrne, Natalie Merchant, Willie Nelson, Ornette Coleman, Gilberto Gil, and the London Symphony. These colorful works are performed by critically acclaimed pianist Eric Huebner.

Anthony Cheung: All Roads
Composer Anthony Cheung releases All Roads, a follow up to FCR215 Cycles and Arrows. Featuring performances by the Escher Quartet, violinist Miranda Cuckson, soprano Paulina Swierczek, and pianists Jacob Greenberg, Gilles Vonsattel, and Cheung himself, All Roads encapsulates Cheung’s penchant for drawing on broad sources of inspiration and filtering them through an incisive and discriminating compositional process to produce substantial, structurally airtight works.

loadbang: Quiver
loadbang releases their fourth album on New Focus, this time featuring centerpieces by Heather Stebbins and Chaya Czernowin as well as music by ensemble members Jeffrey Gavett and Andy Kozar. loadbang has amassed a voluminous repertoire for their unique instrumentation of baritone voice, trumpet, bass clarinet, and trombone.

Upcoming Constellation Tatsu Releases

Source: Constellation Tatsu.

Inkarose – A Love Letter to Water
This release by Colombian-born, LA-based musician Alicia Ramírez (Inkarose) explores the curative properties of Water. With friends Carlos Niño, Rumi Inoue, Matt Little, and more, A Love Letter to Water immerses the listener in a rich organic soundscape.

Andy Aquarius – La Force Aquarienne
Harpist Andy Aquarius takes us on a journey from the forest to the sea with subtle instrumentation in a collection of intuitive prayers.

Tarotplane – Aeonium
Based on many years of research and correspondence with Manuel Göttsching, “Aeonium” channels the style and sound of Kosmische Musik. This psychedelic treasure captures moments from Krautrock favorites but moves into new realms and spaces unexplored in the genre.

Harmonic Series 1/19 is Out

Source: harmonic series.

Conversation with Laura Cocks, Madison Greenstone, and Charlotte Mundy of TAK Ensemble

Notation from Katie Eikam.

Dante Boon, Seamus Cater, Heather Frasch, Gabi Losoncy, Koen Nutters, the same ensemble, Germaine Sijstermans, Rishin Singh – amsterdam . berlin . moscow losoncy (Edition Wandelweiser Records, 2021)

Lydia Winsor Brindamour – empty spaces (Sawyer Editions, 2022)

Lucio Capece, Katie Porter – Phase to Phase (Ftarri, 2022)

Sam Dunscombe, Rebecca Lane, Horațiu Rădulescu – Horațiu Rădulescu: Plasmatic Music, Vol. 1 (Mode, 2022)

Cenk Ergün – Inseln (Sacred Realism, 2022)

Bryan Eubanks – for four double basses (INSUB., 2022)

Terry Jennings – Piece for Cello and Saxophone (Saltern, 2022)

Sylvia Lim – sounds which grow richer as they decay (Sawyer Editions, 2022)

Maxi Mas – Lo que se esconde entre las notas II (Rumiarec, 2022)

Sean Meehan – Magazine (Sacred Realism, 2022)

Vanessa Rossetto – The Actress (Erstwhile Records, 2022)

Grisha Shakhnes – Brass (presses précaires, 2022)

Germaine Sijstermans – Betula (elsewhere, 2022)

Sophie Stone – amalgamations (Sawyer Editions, 2022)

Mark Vernon – A World Behind This World (Persistence of Sound, 2022)

New Releases From Eliane Tapes

Source: Eliane Tapes.

Bruno Duplant – États Intermédiaires

To Eliane Radigue & Agnes Martin. This is a long piece made with some analogue electronic sounds & percussion in homage to the great humble & discreet pioneer in electronic composition.
This is an homage of her late works from the 70’s as Geelriandre or Arthesis two of my favourite pieces. Also, this is my personal interpretation of the Bardo Thodol.

Calineczka – ADWOS/ABWOS

Two one-take miniatures on a Doepfer modular synthesizer, exploring signal of four pariwise-modulating oscillators with various filters. Recorded in Alacant, Spain. Dedicated to Éliane Radigue. With sincere gratitude for Sietse van Erve, all of his work on this release, this series, and many wonderful drone things.

Nils Quak – Ichi-Go Ichi-E

Ichi-go ichi-e consists of two improvisations on a modular synthesizer recorded straight to disk with no additional overdubs. I have no recalling of the particular setup. But it was warm outside on a sunny August morning. The windows were open. Cars were passing by. Everything was calm. Nothing dies. Everything vanishes.

Luminous Label Update

Source: the L U M I N O U S label.

Dee Byrne – Live at Cafe Oto
Recorded last month as a support set for Model Home as part of their two-day residency at Cafe Oto, this 27-minute live set is Dee’s first solo offering. Dee has been curious about developing a practice as a solo performer ever since she decided to go ahead with a gig when her duo partner (from long running collaboration Deemer) couldn’t make it. Stepping into this unchartered territory, Dee discovered that the experience was simultaneously like jumping off the edge of a cliff and coming home…

Dee Byrne and Cath Roberts have some duo sets coming up in the next couple of months. Catch them as part of HG20 (20 years of the Resoncance FM Hello/Goodbye Show) at Moth Club, London on 31st July, then at Lancaster Jazz Festival on 10th September.

Work is underway on the next Sloth Racket album, due out this October. The band will be playing live to support that release in London (10th October), Brighton (11th October) and Glasgow (15th October) with more dates in progress too.

New Sun Ra Arkestra Release Coming in October

Source: Bandcamp.

For more than two decades, the disciple that has most visibly carried on Sun Ra Arkestra’s legacy and sound is their musical director, alto saxophonist Marshall Allen, the iconic fire breather and life force that restored the Arkestra’s vitality in the massive vacuum left by Ra and John Gilmore’s death in the ‘90s. Allen turned 98 in 2022 and, as evidenced by Living Sky, his influence and leadership remain undiminished. Marking the Arkestra’s first new recording since their 2021 Grammy-nominated album Swirling, Living Sky was recorded on June 15, 2021 at Rittenhouse SoundWorks in Philadelphia and features a total of nineteen musicians, including a strings section. It was mixed and mastered by three-time Grammy winner Dave Darlington (Eddie Palmieri, Brian Lynch, Wayne Shorter).

Cyclic Law New Releases

Source: Cyclic Law.

CLAVICVLA “Degeneracy of the 5th Density” CD / LP (183rd Cycle)
Italian black ambient/death industrial demon Clavicvla is back with its most perverse and deranged work yet, once again in proud partnership with illustrious US Black Metal/Industrial colleagues Sentient Ruin. From the artwork to the titles and themes, the intent of new full-length offering “Degeneracy of the 5th Density” is clear: worshipping and glorifying perversions, deviancy and immorality in their every form and shape. With these nefarious intents sole mastermind Ittiel has orchestrated the rise of this third aural plague of his around a creeping miasma of monstrous sepulchral ambience reeking from the ruptured bowels of oblivion, unfolding a forty-five minute sonic nightmare of absolutely omnipotent repulsiveness. Corroding reality like a biblical plague, Ittiel has invoked these eight tracks of nefarious black ambient bedlam from a putrid death-scarred fog begotten of hell, conceptualizing its inverted spawn with blood freezing synthesis and a regurgitation of deconstructed soundscapes and wretched utterings hissing blasphemies from beyond the mortal plane. Dark ambient, black industrial, ritual drone, noise and subsonic horrors of all kinds are distilled by the demiurge into a sonic morass of total suffering and terror, and ritualized into a soundtrack to every broken soul’s most hidden, vile and foul impulses. As usual cryptic and hermetically malignant in its bestial craft, it is not entirely clear or discernible what Ittiel’s broken mind has conceived lyrically and thematically speaking in this new chapter of his abominable creation, but one can rest assured that immeasurable dissolution and abandon into the most depraved depths of perversion remain the ultimate prize of these noisome incantations that insult life and innocence at the most humiliating extremes imaginable.

ASCENDING DIVERS “Watery Domain” CD / DL (208th Cycle)
From France we welcome the latest release from Ascending Divers, solo project of Hugo Champion (of Lisieux fame), exploring massively deep atmospherics and drone Sonorites. Sculpting abstract aural soundscapes with orchestral passages and noisier elements, he’s created a uniquely cinematic oeuvre conceived as a series of tableaux depicting submerged aquatic realms, “Watery Domain” is an ode to oceanic myths and it’s appeal to our senses. Rhythmic tides of sonic energy take us from watery droplets formed by breaking waves to the deepest oceanic abyss, a truly immersive and out of time journey.

NORDVARGR “Resignation I-II-III” 3CD / 3LP Boxset (186th Cycle)
Nordvargr’s Resignation project was initially born in 2008 exploring rhythmic and repetitive aspects of his musical output, merging elements of electronic music with dark ambient soundscapes. We present here the first 3 volumes of this venture in a deluxe 3LP boxset with poster as well as a 3CD 8 panels Digisleeve version, both with unique and exclusive material. From it’s inception delving into the more gaseous realms of dubby techno and evolving through the years towards the harder and nosier side of electronics, Nordvargr’s unique grasp of the genre and his will to turn it upside down culminates in a dreamy soundtrack-like voyage, where deep atmospherics are pierced by rhythmically hypnotic and abrasive passages. A true tour de force that will stand as a true gem for any fan of the fringes of techno and electronic music.

DEN SORTE DØD “Depressiv Magi” CD / LP (202nd Cycle)
From above corroding skies adrift with clouds of grey.
Through spiraling voids undone by stars colliding.
Past infinite aeons of spectral mists forgotten.

DEN SORTE DØD “Undergangen” CD / LP (203rdCycle)
Reissue of the limited self released album from 2019. Den Sorte Død (The Black Death) is a ritual performance by artists Offermose and Angst. From deep within the dark forests of Sweden a depressive spell is cast. Drawn-out and haunting notes ooze eerily from distorted keys, conjuring up images of underground landscapes crawling with unseen apparitions. A lone silhouette wanders endlessly through sunless deserts and smoldering wastelands. Low rumbling echoes from distant mountains, releasing a putrid cloud of ever-shifting forms.