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New Amsterdam Records Profiled

Source: WSJ. Picture a roomful of New York record execs, and one might imagine some sleek Midtown office where cynical moguls strike big deals over cocktails and yellowtail tartare. Then there’s the crew at New Amsterdam Records, the prestigious local … Continue reading

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Manfred Eicher, ECM Founder, Profiled

Source: Irish Times. Manfred Eicher is leaning over a mixing desk, lost in concentration. Dressed in his trademark grey, white shoulder-length hair hanging down over perhaps the most influential ears in contemporary jazz, the producer is as instantly recognisable as … Continue reading

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Winter & Winter Label Profiled

From The Sydney Morning Herald: Record companies are routinely depicted as the music business’s evil exploiters, with many a tale of rip-offs, mismanagement, bullying and cocaine. Thankfully there are also many people from multinational and independent labels who are driven … Continue reading

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Dijkstra, Karayorgis turn frustration to freedom with Driff

From The Boston Globe: With the music industry in perpetual free fall and the very idea of “record labels” shifting constantly, mini-labels continue to sprout. In Boston, the jazz and improvisation scene has given birth to a hardy handful of … Continue reading

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Bill Shute And His Experimental Label Kendra Steiner Editions

Just when you think you’ve heard of all of the experimental labels out there, you realize that you’re just scratching the surface. Case in point from the San Antonio Current: Since 2006, Bill Shute has run Kendra Steiner Editions at … Continue reading

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New Atlantis Rises

From Burning Ambulance, a profile of the New Atlantis label: Don’t let the name fool you: Yellow Springs, Ohio’s New Atlantis Records is no space for hippy-drippy new age nonsense. Spearheaded by Ed Ricart, an electric guitarist (and percussionist, and … Continue reading

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Every Contact Leaves a Trace Label Launch

Bang the Bore writes about the new CDr label Every Contact Leaves a Trace: Every Contact Leaves a Trace is a new CDr label launching Monday 20th January 2014. There are four initial releases available for purchase, stream and download … Continue reading

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