Nick Dunston Interview

Source: Which Sinfonia.

Bassist, composer, improviser, radio player, conductor, space maker, and question asker Nick Dunston’s music defies categorization and genre as swiftly as he toggles between roles onstage. His new record “Spider Season” (Out Of Your Head Records), featuring Kalia Vandever on trombone/fx and DoYeon Kim on gayageum, is coming out next Friday July 14 and is one to bookmark! In addition to this big release, Dunston’s work “Reverse Broadcast” for Wet Ink Ensemble’s new Mosaic Orchestra had its world premiere on June 22 in NYC, which I had the pleasure of seeing. Experiencing these two different works, the live premiere of “Reverse Broadcast” and upcoming trio album “Spider Season”, gave rise to a series of questions for me about these projects in particular and how they relate to Dunston’s musical practice as a whole.

Tim Berne Interview

Source: Straight No Chaser.

Tim Berne doesn’t rest on his laurels, and he doesn’t look back. After coming to prominence playing on projects like John Zorn’s Spy vs. Spy, he has utilized his talented saxophone playing and writing with a number of groups over the past thirty years. Whether it was Bloodcount in the 1990’s or Hardcell in the following decade, he is constantly stretching the boundaries of what a jazz band can play or what it can sound like.

John Tilbury Interview

Source: The Wire.

Interviewing AMM pianist John Tilbury for The Wire in his house in Deal, Kent, I arrive with my list of questions scribbled in a notebook. I have an agenda, but it becomes clear that Tilbury has one, too. After submitting graciously to my questions for over an hour, Tilbury lunges towards a grainy, circular photograph, like a blow-up from an old family portrait. Propped up on an antique wooden desk, it shows a youngish man with a moustache, staring downwards with a bewildered, otherworldly expression.

Harmonic Series 1/18 Is Out

Source: harmonic series.

A conversation with Lisa Cameron; notation from Jaap Blonk; and words about releases from Pedro Chambel & Ferran Fages, Johnny Chang & Keir GoGwilt, Bryan Eubanks, Savvas Metaxas, Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker, Martin Taxt, Trio Amos & Klaus Lang, Toshiya Tsunoda, and UNIONBLOCK.

An Interview with Steve Roach 

Source: Reverb News.

Over the years, several artists and producers have sought out sonic inspiration from that same solitude of the desert, but few are more attuned to its landscapes—and how to transform space into sound—than Grammy-nominated veteran synthesist and ambient music pioneer Steve Roach.

As a young motocross racer in Southern California in the early 1970s, Roach was immersed in progressive electronic music through listening to the likes of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. He began collecting synthesizers shortly after, and at the turn of the next decade embarked on a musical journey fixated on space, silence, and the suspension of time.

Interview with Dirk Serries 

Source: 15 questions.

I always have been a control-freak, especially during the vidnaObmana period, a bit less during Fear Falls Burning and Microphonics but still everything was structured and mapped out. It’s when I got invited to a recording session with Tomas Järmyr and Kristoffer Lo that I got exposed to the magical side of improvisation. At least when it works.

I went to Norway with a plan, some themes I created but from the first note we played together I became motivated by Kristoffer and Tomas’ incredible sense for improvisation and it just dragged me along. Didn’t touch any of the ‘scores’ I brought and the first baby steps in improvisation became a fact. It was a blast and I truly felt liberated, free of that constant pressure of preparation and focus in advance to what would follow.

From there on this all became a rollercoaster ride for me in terms of experience, adventure and touching upon a scene in which I could feel myself fully myself.

Sana Nagano Interview

Source: All About Jazz.

Right place, right time, your scribe caught Smashing Humans playing a late night set at the original Nublu club in NYC’s Alphabet City, 19th April 2019. Intensity ensued, via a serrated prog-jazz extremity, sharply sculpted in its dynamic schizoid turning of sharp bends, its abrasive surface causing exciting distress. Smashing Humans were assembled by the Japanese violinist Sana Nagano, who’s now been dwelling in NYC since 2010, and in the USA for two decades. At that 2019 gig she may have seemed like an amazing new discovery, but it turns out that your scribe would have probably already witnessed her amongst the swollen ranks of the Creative Music Studio or Adam Rudolph’s Go:Organic Orchestra. Nagano styles herself as a ‘noise violinist,’ and indeed her riffs and solos are often heightened by a bright neon distortion haze, but her instrument does also sound very much like a violin, most of the time.

Jen Shyu Interviewed

Source: ANFTD #102: Jen Shyu.

Jen Shyu visits A Noise From The Deep Podcast! Groundbreaking multilingual vocalist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer and performance artist, Jen comes by with her latest recording, Zero Grasses: Ritual for the Losses. Catch Jen as co-founder of M³: Mutual Mentorship for Musicians and catch their NYC fest June 16–22. Great music, Dave and Jen also talk about Jen’s work with Sumi Tonooka as part of M³.

Interview with Sietse van Erve

Source: 15 questions.

Sietse van Erve’s Spectrum is out via his personal bandcamp profile. About the background to the album, he notes: “Spectrum is a continuation of my interest in the perception of time, and at the same time an acknowledgement of me being on the autism spectrum. I got diagnosed with this about 2 1/2 years ago, which was quite the shock for me at that moment. But in the past 2 1/2 years I have learned so much about this. This album, with my interest in minimalism, opposed to bombastic music, is a form to embrace my autism and to accept it as it is. I didn’t change as a person, but I do know myself better.”

June Point of Departure is Out

Source: Point of Departure.

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