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Supply and Demand, Not Streaming, Hurts Musicians?

In an already controversial article, it is posited that the inability for many quality musicians to make a living in the arts is due to a supply / demand mismatch rather than digitization, streaming, or piracy. While I cannot say … Continue reading

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On the Mathematics of Marketing New Music

Some recent discussions floating around the music industry include the inability of some new artists to get noticed.  If the music is weird (you know, the stuff we like here on AMN), divide the likelihood of being noticed by some … Continue reading

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A Creative Commons License Is The Ultimate Music Promotion Tool

Image by Smeerch via Flickr A musician writes success through about giving his music away. Previously I tried to sell my music on online mp3 shops and CDs – with mixed results (it’s difficult being an unknown artist). I sold … Continue reading

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Atlantic Records Says Digital Sales Surpass CDs

Apparently people are buying more MP3 bits than bits encoded on a circular medium. Since MP3s first became popular a decade ago, music industry executives have obsessed over this question: when would digital music revenue finally surpass compact disc sales? … Continue reading

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Mark Dresser on Telematics

Bassist Dresser discusses the possibilities of Telematics: In 2004 I left New York to accept a teaching position at the music department at UC San Diego. I was able to stay in close contact with my community of friends and … Continue reading

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Peter Gabriel: An Old Rocker Gets Digital

The New York Times writes about how Peter Gabriel is embracing the Internet rather than cowering in fear of it. While major record companies have spent heavily on the Internet with relatively little to show, Mr. Gabriel and his partners … Continue reading

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Zappa Plays Zappa Tries Out Some Innovative Ideas

The future of music entails musicians taking advantage of the Internet, not being fearful of it. Zappa Plays Zappa is on tour this fall and has announced some very cool ideas. Hand-picked intimate venues Every attendee will be able to … Continue reading

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